Pokemon Go Leaks Suggests Unique Item Up For Grabs At Starbucks

Pokémon Go could be getting the new version 2 update this December 8th, after several leaks on reddit that evidently shows Starbucks is partnering up with Niantic for a major event this week, from a memo purportedly leaked by a Starbucks employee.

pokemon go and starbucks event

Pokémon Go fans have been speculating on the release of version 2 update for Pokémon Go after data miners discovered new codes have been added to the game and just waiting to be rollout by Niantic.

Interesting enough, this upcoming event coincides with the timing leaks of the hidden codes for the 100 monsters and the coffee chain collaboration with Niantic for the launch of Pokemon Go version 2.

Selected participating Starbucks outlets across the U.S. will be designated as Pokestops or gyms as part of the promotional event.

Players who locates the Starbucks store within the game will be rewarded with a unique unlock called ‘Pokémon Go Frappuccino Blended Beverage’. Starbucks will also sell the actual Pokémon Go frappucino drink during the event period.