Pokémon GO New Update Adds Massive Changes To The Game

A new update has dropped for Pokémon GO and with it, a huge overhaul to some of the game’s features. Unfortunately, most fans were not pleased with the changes that Niantic Labs has made to the augmented reality game.

Pokemon GO Updates

The update, version 1.1.0 for iOS and 0.31.0 for Android, includes a myriad of changes ranging from internal balancing to cosmetic additions. Here’s a rundown of the list of changes, as per the developer notes:

– Trainer avatars can be re-customised
– Some Pokémon battle move damage values have been adjusted
– Certain Gym animations have been refined
– Improved memory issues
– Removed footprints of nearby Pokémon
– Adjusted battle damage calculation
– Various bug fixes during wild Pokémon encounters
– Updated Pokémon details UI
– Updated achievement medal art
– Fixed issues with displaying certain map features
– Minor fixes to text

While the update should be improving the overall experience of the app, it had the unfortunate side effect of disabling the usage of third-party apps, such as Pokévision, a tracking app for Pokémon used by most players since the built-in PokéTracker is buggy, to say the least.

This crackdown on third-party apps led to some furore among players who are upset that they can’t use supporting apps to help them catch more Pokémon. While Niantic Lab hasn’t made any official statement regarding the usage of third-party apps, they definitely prefer players not using unofficial/unsupported apps.

PokeVision App

Let’s hope they fix the step tracker for Pokémon GO and bring back the feature sooner than later.

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Pokémon GO is available now for Android and iOS on selected regions.

Source: CNET

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