Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Titans Guide

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet titans are fun and exciting, and they introduce super-charged Pokémons that are stronger and larger than their predecessors. If you’re out of the loop and don’t know what Scarlet and Violet have to offer, this guide is for you.

We’ll be covering all of the best aspects of this game to help you get the most out of it.

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What Are Titan Pokémons?

Five Titan Pokémon are available in Scarlet and Violet, and they all work to protect the Herba Mystica. A Herba Mystica powers up Miraidon or Koraidon and acts as a power-up that improves mount skills.

You’ll need to assist Arven and defeat these larger, more powerful Titans along the way.

Defeating the five Titans will allow you to progress through the Path of Legends. However, they’re not easy to find, nor are they easy to beat. 

You’ll make a lot of friends in the Paldea Region, and one of the main paths of the story is “Path of Legends.”

The Path of Legends is a quest that requires you to defeat each of the Titans. As the name suggests, “Titans” are difficult to beat and require the right approach. We’ll provide a full list of each Titan and how to handle them below.

But you should be warned that there may be a few spoilers as you proceed. 


Guide to Beating Each Titan in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet 

Klawf- Stony Cliff Titan

Klawf is the Titan that we recommend fighting first because it’s the easiest fight that you’ll face. You can find Klawf by going towards the East of Mesagoza. Klawf can be found on one of the cliffs in the area. Don’t worry. You won’t miss this Titan.

However, you want to have a team of level 15s or higher to even try this battle. In fact, try having level 17 Pokémon or higher for this fight if you want to be safe.

Since Klawf is a rock-type, it is vulnerable to a variety of moves, including:

  • Grass
  • Ground 
  • Fighting
  • Steel
  • Water


Choosing the Pokémon for the fight carefully can help make the match easier. A few of the best choices for this fight include:

  • Mankey
  • Psyduck
  • Quaxly
  • Sprigatito 


You’ll find that the fight’s first phase is normal and easy. You can deplete the health bar using your abilities and then wait for Klawf to flee. The second phase begins with Arven joining you to help finish off the Titan.

A Shellder will also be included, and it’s one of the easiest fights that you’ll experience.

There are no real threats during this fight, but trust me, this is the easiest Titan that you’ll face. However, if you’re having trouble defeating this Titan, it’s likely due to the Rock Smash ability.

Rock Smash is an ability that Klawf uses, and when it hits, it will begin to reduce your Defense. Each hit will lower your defense further, making the hits impact your team more and can make the fight challenging.

Most players will easily overcome this Titan if they choose the right level group for the fight. Other Titans will prove to be more of a problem and require the right approach to defeat.

Speaking of defeat, once you take down Klawf, your mount Pokémon will eat the Herba Mystica.


What reward will you receive?

Your mount will learn dash.


Bombirdier- Open Sky Titan

Bombirdier is one of my favourite Titans and can be found North of Naranjo. Head northwest and pay close attention to your surroundings. You’ll pass cute windmills and then see a mountain that has boulders falling down.

Who is knocking down these boulders? Bombirdier, and this is where you’ll find it.

If you thought that Klawf was easy, you’d find that this fight is more challenging. Arven will join the fight with a level 18 Nacli, but you will have a much easier time if you’re around level 22.


Bombirdier is a Flying and Dark-type, so you’ll want to avoid Pokémon that are:

  • Psychic
  • Fighting


Instead, you want to leverage the weaknesses of this Titan, which will be anyone who is of the following types:

  • Electric
  • Fairy
  • Ice
  • Rock


You might assume that a bug- or fighting type would work well, but they’re cancelled out by this dual type. 

We recommend two really great choices here that we like:

  • Rockruff
  • Pawmi


Both will provide a lot of damage with their Rock and Electric moves, allowing you to make quick work of Bombirdier. The fight itself is rather straightforward since this Titan doesn’t have stat-altering moves.

However, Bombirdier does hit hard and will quickly take you down with Pluck and Wing if you come into the fight under-powered.


What reward will you receive?

Your mount will learn to swim across water.


Orthworm- Lurking Steel Titan

Orthworm is a steel-type Pokémon, but you probably knew that already given that this is a Steel Titan. The “Lurking” in the name comes from this foe hiding away in open ground. You’ll head east of Zapapico and follow the main road that connects Levinca Town.

All of a sudden, you’ll find Orthworm in the ground and ready to defeat your team.

We recommend going into the fight around level 30, although if you have the right team, you can likely beat this Titan at level 28 or 29. 

Steel-type Titans are weak against two main types:

  • Fire
  • Fighting


Ground-type setups will not work because Orthworm has an Earth Eater ability, which will cause it to absorb any ground-type moves and even restore its health. A group with a ground type will make this fight almost impossible.

Instead, try a setup with the following Pokémon: 

  • Primeape
  • Growlithe
  • Litleo
  • Mankey


Orthworm isn’t a hard hitter, so most of its moves will not be a concern and can be absorbed by your team. The one thing that is concerning is Iron Tail, but the right-level team will find the fight rather easy. 

One thing we do recommend is to try and use Special Attacks because Orthworm’s Sp Defense is much lower than the Def Stat. The first phase will require you to attack with Fire or Fighting until it runs into the tunnel.

Again, these strong Titans try to escape, but follow it and Dash into it. Arven will come in during the second round and bring Toedscool to finish off this Titan.


What will your reward be?

Your mount will jump higher. 


Quaking Earth- Great Tusk/Iron Treads


This fight is interesting because the Titan you face will depend on the version of the game that you’re playing:

  • Scarlet will have to face off against Great Tusk, a ground- and fighting-type Pokémon 
  • Violet will have to face off against Iron Treads, a ground- and steel-type


We recommend that you be level 47 or so to have an easier time fighting this Titan. Of course, you can also try this Titan at a lower level if you want more of a challenge. Scarlet and Violet are all about having fun anyway.

Since there are two versions of this Titan, you’ll take a slightly different approach to dispatch it:


Great Tusk

Anyone who is playing the Scarlet version will have to face off against Great Tusk, who is a ground- and fighting-type. You’ll want to use a team with the following type to counter the Titan’s weaknesses:

  • Fairy 
  • Flying
  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Psychic
  • Water


We recommend trying a flying-type Pokemon for this fight because it will avoid ground moves, making the fight more manageable.

A few good candidates for this fight are:

  • Quaxly
  • Sprigatito
  • Gyrados


You’ll also want to consider bringing Dachsbund, all of which can beat this Titan and help you advance the quest.


Iron Treads

Anyone playing the Violet version will have to face off against Iron Treads, who is not much different than Great Tusk. The key difference in this version is that you’ll be facing off against a Titan who is a Ground- and Steel-type.

As you may have guessed, the weaknesses of Iron Treads are a little different and will include:

  • Ground
  • Fire
  • Fighting
  • Water


Starters work great for this fight, but you can also use Golduck or Drednaw if you like. With the proper setup and level, there’s really not much to worry about.

Both Donphan variants will make use of the Rapid Spin ability, which doesn’t do much damage, but will increase the Speed stat. The longer the fight goes on, the higher the speed, which means defeating this Titan quickly is in your best interest.

Most players will want to end the fight with 2 – 3 turns.

Tera Orb can be used here to help boost up your super-effective attacks and defeat this Titan. Arven will come in during the second phase to help you put this Titan down. This time, Arven will have a Scovillain along for the fight.

Arven’s Scovillain is a level 44, and this is the lowest level you’ll want to be for this fight.


What reward do you get?

Your mount will learn how to glide from cliffs.


False Dragon- Tatsugiri/Dondozo

Finally, you’ll find yourself interacting with a Tatsugiri that shouts, “Taitaan!” The shouts are hard to miss, and you’ll want to head to Casseroya Lake and go near North of Medali to begin this fight.

While called the “False Dragon,” you likely guessed that this Titan isn’t a dragon at all. And you would be right.

However, this doesn’t mean that this isn’t a difficult fight. You’ll need to have your Pokémon be at least level 55 or have some great skill to kill this Titan. We recommend bringing a group make-up with strong:

  • Electric
  • Grass


This fight is a lot of fun and will include multiple battles, so be prepared for a decent fight. You’ll start the fight against Dondozo.

Dondozo is a Water-type, and two main abilities will cause you concern:

  • Aqua rail
  • Water pulse


Hard hits and confusion can also happen during the fight. Plus, Dondozo has a lot of HP and Defense, so you’ll want to use your specials, such as Giga Drain and Thunderbolt.

You’ll want to come to the fight with a dragon- or fairy-type, and you can bring starters or:

  • Breloom
  • Raichu
  • Scovillian


Arven will join the fight with a level 55 Greedent, and once Dondozo falls, the real fight begins. The Tatsugiri will now come into the fight, and it’s an actual Dragon this time.

We recommend bringing a fairy or dragon along because it will help you beat this foe.

As a Dragon- and Water-type, this Titan will be much easier with a fairy or dragon by your side. High-damage abilities will help you beat this Titan. Tatsugiri is a lot of fun, and you’ll find that it’s not too difficult to take down if you have the right group for the fight.


What do you get for beating this Titan?

Your mount gains the ability to climb mountains. 


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Spoiler: STOP Reading If You Don’t Want to Learn About Arven

Arven has been a loyal friend, coming in and helping you take down all of the Titans along the way. However, with all of the Titans defeated, head back to the lighthouse and be ready – Arven wants to battle. 

You’ll want to be level 60 or close to it for this battle.


Final Thoughts

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is a lot of fun, and the game gets increasingly better as your mount starts to traverse the world in new ways. Being able to jump higher or glide from cliffs allows you to make use of the terrain in new, fun ways.

Is Scarlet and Violet perfect? No. There are a lot of things we like and dislike about the game. In fact, click here to read our guide, titled “Things We Like And Dislike In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet.”

However, we really like the new elements that Scarlet and Violet bring to the game. If you’re having any trouble beating these Titans or can’t find them, be sure to hop on YouTube or Twitch to learn from others.


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