Pokemon UNITE Goes Mobile With Additional Updates

Pokemon UNITE Goes Mobile With Additional Updates


As we wait for the new Pokemon games that are coming out this December, Pokemon fans have been making Pokemon UNITE their go-to game as their pastime.

And as expected, Nintendo has delivered on their promise in porting the Pokemon UNITE to both iOS and Android devices.

Additionally, Nintendo has also added a couple of nice features to go along with the port, so let’s take a closer look at them now!


Pokemon Unite Goes Mobile and its Updates


What You Need To Know About The Mobile Port


Here are a couple of things that you might want to be aware of to reap the best rewards for the mobile port:-

Obtaining Zeraora’s UNITE License

This is actually a recurring event from the Pokemon UNITE launch for the Switch. Now, the launch bonus is once again available for mobile users!

However, there’s no such thing as a ‘free meal’ and players would have to put in the effort to get the Zeraora license.

Here are the objectives that you would need to accomplish before you get your hands on the license:


– Win a total of 2 battles and get 100 Aeos tickets

– Win a total of 8 battles and get 450 Aeos coins

– Win a total of 16 battles and get 50 item enhancers

– Win a total of 32 battles and get the Zeraora license


Hence, you would need to win up to 32 matches to obtain a Zeraora license and you’d definitely need some help there. We recommend reading up a guide or topping up on gems and tickets, readily on OffGamers here.

Players who already have a Zeraora license will get Aeos coins as replacements.


Dress Up Your Pikachu With An Exclusive Holowear

Players who have pre-registered for the Pokemon UNITE mobile and have played the game by Sunday, October 31, 2021, at 7:59 a.m. PDT will receive a complimentary Pikachu license.

On top of that, this Pikachu will be accompanied by a Holowear cosmetic set and 1,000 Aeos tickets as well.

So for those who have already pre-registered, be sure to download the game and play it at least once before the 31st of October to get these juicy rewards!


Galatic Season Pass Pokemon UNITE Goes Mobile


A New Battle Pass: Galactic Ghost 094


One thing to note about the mobile port update is that there will also be a new battle pass called Galactic Ghost 094.

This is an expansion pass that features new rewards and exclusive cosmetics for Pokemons like Gengar and Lucario.

According to Pokemon UNITE’s official site, this battle pass will include up to 90 levels with unique missions. These missions will also have rewards exclusive to these missions, corresponding to their levels.

The battle pass can also be levelled up by completing up to 3 missions every day. As players level up their battle pass, more rewards will also be unlocked.


Other Updates Pokemon Unite Goes Mobile


Other In-Game Related Updates


A new feature has also been added to Pokemon UNITE called Unite Squads.

Unite Squads allow players to form their own squads and can even search for similar-minded Trainers using squad tags. This is a great improvement from Nintendo to foster relationships between Trainers worldwide, especially for those who are playing the game alone.


For localisation, Pokemon UNITE mobile has also support for multiple languages—French, Italian, German and Spanish.