Pokemon We Want To See On Pokemon Unite

Pokemon We Want To See On Pokemon Unite


MOBA updates are often greeted with excitement and curiosity, more so if it is a new character update.

Recently, it has been announced that Pokemon UNITE will be adding two new Pokemon—Blastoise and Gardevoir—into their roster.

While these are awesome additions, we as fans would obviously like to see more Pokemon added into the game.

So, here are some of our Pokemon suggestions that we think will be top-notch additions to this unprecedented Pokemon MOBA game!


Blissey Pokemon Unite


1. Blissey


If there is one criticism that we have about Pokemon UNITE, it would be that there is zero Gen 2 Pokemon in the roster.

Yes, Pokemon from the Johto region is not as famous as Kanto, but it still deserves some love. Adding to the fact that there are only three known supporters—Eldegoss, Mr. Mime and Wigglytuff—in the game, adding another support-based Pokemon should be in order.

So we figured that we would go with Chansey of the Johto region. Blissey has been renowned as one of the tankiest supporters in the mainline series and it is about time for it to take centre stage on the Pokemon UNITE arena. 


Hitmonchan Pokemon Unite


2. Hitmonchan


The Tekken series had Steve Fox the boxing champ and Pokemon Unite deserves one as well.

There are a plethora of Pokemon that excel in martial arts, but none is a better fist-fighter than the all-punching Hitmonchan.

We thought it would be interesting to see how the game can pull off and implement staple Hitmonchan skills like Thunder Punch, Ice Punch and Sky Uppercut.

And as for class types, we figure it can be a Speedster or an Attacker, either way, we think it’s definitely going to knock us out if Hitmonchan does get into the ring.


Swampert Pokemon Unite


3. Swampert


Swampert is arguably the strongest starter of the Gen 3 games due to its dual typing and it would not do it justice if it is left out of the roster.

Plus, when we say that it is perhaps the best starter in the Hoenn region, we would also like to add that its move set is amazing.

Having Mud Shot and an AOE Muddy Water in motion in an actual real-time game can be a beautiful sight.

That said, we do hope that our beloved water boy will not be one shot-ed with a Grass-type move.


Tyranitar Pokemon Unite


4. Tyranitar


So far, there is only one pseudo-legendary Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE, which is Garchomp.

A pseudo-legendary Pokemon is a Pokemon—at least in the mainline games—that rivals legendaries in terms of strength and stats.

As Tyranitar does have an interesting typing in Dark and Rock, this rock giant Pokemon can be a big game-changer if it were to be added into the game.

For instance, maybe they can make use of its Sand Stream ability and introduce a new weather effect mechanic into the game as weather effects have been a long-standing concept in Pokemon games.


Ditto Pokemon Unite


5. Ditto


If you have played DOTA 2 before, you would know that Rubick is one of the more unique heroes with its ability to steal spells from other heroes.

Ditto is somewhat similar as it can take the shape of other Pokemon and will be able to use its moves as well.

This can be extremely pesky and fun as it can disrupt a lot of team battles. Imagine having two Charizards hovering around your screen, plus, not knowing which one is on your team or the opponents’ can be a beautiful mess.

Of course, its original design is not as pretty as the others, but we think its potentially disruptive gameplay can be a welcomed change to the game’s tempo.


Aggron Pokemon Unite


6. Aggron


A good Steel-type Pokemon is hard to come by and we are all happy that Lucario is available to play. Why not add more?

The Aron evolutionary line is awesome. The kyojin-like Pokemon that is Aggron is both bulky and powerful. 

Its design is exquisitely clean with the classic white and gray combo and is also an open canvas for cosmetics and skins if you enjoy character customisation.


Victini Pokemon Unite


7. Victini


We have talked about pseudo-legendaries, so let us get into the real deal, the actual legendaries.

The only known one in the game would be Zeraora, the Electric-type legendary introduced in the Ultra Sun and Moon games.

Legendaries are often considered overpowered but it’s fun, so why not add some more. Victini is this tiny and cute Pokemon that is also synonymous with victory. Again, its rare Fire and Psychic typing can also be potentially game-changing which we want to see in a MOBA game.

Nevertheless, we still hope that players will not have to break the bank to use these legendaries as we would not want Pokemon UNITE to be labelled as “pay-to-win”.

If you are interested in adding more Aeos Gems to improve your gaming experience, you can top them up here!




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