Pre-Registration Open for Anime RPG Blue Archive Summer Story Event

Fans of mobile anime RPG Blue Archive can pre-register now to soak up some summer sun as their favorite characters during the beach-themed in-game event “Summer Sky’s Wishlist” – arriving Tuesday, Feb. 22. All players who pre-register will receive an in-game currency reward of 1,200 Pyroxenes at launch. Publisher Nexon has also unveiled the update calendar for the Blue Archive series, giving players a glimpse of the action and drama to come.

In “Summer Sky’s Wishlist,” players will get a taste of summer early during the all-new storyline, in which Sensei and the Trinity General School’s students take a much-needed, ocean-side vacation. Limited-time swimsuit versions of the characters will be also available.

Eager players can pre-register for the event starting today by submitting a vacation request on the pre-registration website.

Additionally, Nexon has revealed the Blue Archive update roadmap through April providing players an early look at the events in-store for Spring 2022. Fans can look forward to updates for “Head Prefect Hina’s Summer Vacation” and “Playing Tag at Neverland” as well as the introduction of several new characters such as Mashiro (Swimsuit), Hina (Swimsuit), Shiroko (Cycling) and Shun (Small).

All-new content is also planned for future releases, including “Assistant System” (Total Assault), Main Story Vol. 3 “Eden Treaty Part 2,” “Tactical Challenge” Season 2 (Field Warfare), and max level expansion.

Developed by NAT GAMES, Blue Archive follows a group of adventurous schoolgirls as they navigate romance, school clubs, academic events – and the occasional battle with rival schools. Players will take on the role of the students’ teacher and guide them as they investigate incidents throughout the city.

Blue Archive is available on Android and iOS devices in 237 countries and supports multiple languages including English, Korean, Thai and Chinese (traditional).

Players can pre-register for “Summer Sky’s Wishlist” on the Official Website and follow the Blue Archive social media pages for the latest news and updates:




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