Pre-Registration Open for Anime RPG Blue Archive

After revealing a stunning interactive teaser page in August, publisher Nexon has officially opened pre-registration for upcoming mobile anime RPG Blue Archive. Developed by NAT GAMES, Blue Archive sees players take on the role of an academy teacher who teams up with their students to solve mysteries around town. The game is coming to iOS and Android and eager players can pre-register now on the respective stores.

Nexon is celebrating pre-registration by making several in-game rewards up for grabs. If pre-registrations reach 500,000, all players who sign up before the game goes live will receive:

  • 2-star character Mutsuki
  • 1,400 pyroxenes
  • 150,000 credits


Nexon will distribute all earned rewards to players upon the game’s release. Players will also receive 50,000 credits at the close of registration on both Google Play and the App Store.

The pre-registration festivities are also crossing over to social media, with various Twitter promotions.

And the voice actors behind lovable Blue Archive characters are joining the celebration on YouTube, where players can view special messages from the voices of Aru (Reina Kondo) and Shiroko (Yui Ogura). New tracks from the game’s original soundtrack will be available to stream, as well.

The latest animated trailer showcases the adventures in store.

While waiting for the global launch this November, fans can explore plenty of Blue Archive features on the official website, including character profiles, story information and fun quizzes to determine their perfect match among a host of exciting school clubs.

For more information, visit

Players can pre-register for the game on the Official Website and follow the Blue Archive Twitter page for the latest news and updates.


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