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Valiant Force 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed mobile game, Valiant Force, released in 2016. Since the sequel was announced two months ago, the studio has been actively engaging fans on social media and has acquired a respectable online following. XII Braves has recently released a video showing a first look at the gameplay and soon the public will get to experience the latest version of the game for themselves.

About Valiant Force 2

Valiant Force 2 is a Strategic Hero-Collection RPG where players battle their way through an intricate story in turn-based, tactical gameplay. Iconic returning gameplay features like Job Selection and the Aura Grid allow you to tailor your heroes to give them an edge in battle, while new features like tactical map movement and various terrain mechanics adds a little spice to the award-winning franchise.

Key Highlights

  • Stunning Art Style: The high quality 2D art that the studio is known for will continue to bring the characters, environment, and story to life!
  • Familiar Faces: Valiant Force 2 will feature the return of beloved characters like the Valiants and Dark Lords from the original hit title!
  • Classic Features: Return to the good old days with the Hero Job system, Garrison, and the Aura system that’s come to be the franchise’s defining feature.
  • Expanded Battlefields: Valiant Force 2 is moving beyond the original 3×6 grid, so expect bigger battles and greater freedom of movement!
  • New Combat Features: Take your battles to a whole new level with exciting upcoming features, including Auron Cards and the Elemental system!


Pre-Registration Rewards
Pre-registration milestones have been announced; including skins, premium currency, and an exclusive hero!

Registration is now open on the Google Play Store:

New Valiant Force 2 Gameplay Trailer


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