Prepare For StarCraft 2: Legacy Of The Void And Its Worldwide Premiere

Fans have been anxiously awaiting for the official release of Legacy of the Void, the final expansion from Blizzard Entertainment massively popular Real-Time-Strategy series, StartCraft II. After a long beta that started in April, fans can finally look forward to the full release of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void when Blizzard Entertainment announces the release date on their twitch livestream.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

Taking place on September 13, fans can head over to Blizzard Entertainment’s livestream where they will be showing off the cinematic trailer for the expansion, which will include the official release date. The stream will take place on the official Starcraft’s Twitch account and will begin from 10 AM PDT onwards.

Aside from the cinematic trailer, Blizzard Entertainment will be discussing specific details and changes, as well as new gameplay elements that will be introduced on the latest expansion. Those who happen to be in southern California can head over to the Blizzard Barcraft and watch the event live in downtown Los Angeles at the Theater room of Ace Hotel. The event will be hosted by William “Chobra” Cho.

Currently, a series of prologue missions, titled Whispers of Oblivion, are available for those that pre-purchased Legacy of the Void. The prologue is supposed to bridge the gap between Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void. If you haven’t checked it out, watch the trailer below for an idea of the story.

The second expansion, Heart of the Swarm, was released back on March 12, 2013, and was well received by fans. This latest expansion is set to finish up the saga of Starcraft that started way back in 1998. Whether the story will live up to the hype, we’ll find out when it comes out.

As of right now, the release window for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is Holiday 2015, which, by the latest will be December 2015 rather than the predicted first quarter of 2016. We’ll update with more information, including the official release date when the StarCraft twitch begins on September 13.

Source: StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void World Premiere Announced

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