Prepare Yourself For No Man’s Sky With These Useful Tips

By now, most PlayStation 4 users are probably jumping into No Man’s Sky with PC players set to join the infinite galaxy on August 12th. To help you ease into the daunting task of reaching the centre of the universe in No Man’s Sky, plenty of sites are putting up guides and tips to get players started.

No Man's Sky,

While there are plenty of great sites that provide comprehensive guides (IGN’s Wiki, Mashable Asia), we’ve narrowed the key pointers that you’ll need to keep track of when exploring in No Man’s Sky.

Keep Crafting

Exploration maybe No Man’s Sky biggest selling point but crafting and upgrading your equipment and ship is the name of the game. When you first start out, you only a basic exo-suit, a simple multi-tool, and a ship that’s damaged. If you want to further into the centre universe discover more exotic planets, you’ll need to keep upgrading them.

Plus, upgrading your ship and ship serve an extra function of increasing the ability to carry resources to sell and use for crafting.

Top Up On Isotopes

Elements are a big thing in No Man’s Sky and no element is as common and as important as the isotope. Used to power key equipment in the game, the isotope is what you rely on to keep your weapons, Life Support, Mining Beam, Launch Thrusters, and even Pulse Drive working.

No Man's Sky

While there are plenty of different isotopes that can be used for different equipment, the one we recommend keeping stock on is the Carbon isotope, which is used to power many useful wall terminals.

Language Is Power

What do you with all those resources you’ve collected? Why you sell them of course. How do you do that? By heading to Space Station Outposts and trading with the local Aliens. Unfortunately, they all speak Alien language, which can then leave you getting the short end of the stick when bartering with them.

No Man's Sky

However, you can learn the Alien languages by checking the wall terminals whenever you visit an outpost to learn a new world. Pretty soon, you’ll be conversing like a local with the traders to get you the best deals for your resources.

Explore, Explore, Explore

The end game for No Man’s Sky lies at the centre of the universe. But really, the real fun lies in exploring all the different planets and discovering the weird and unique species that live on said planets.

So it goes without saying, rushing on a straight line to the centre of the universe is probably not the best way to enjoy the game. Take your time, explore the planets as much you can. Mine for as much resources as you can, and give all the new species funny names for other players to see.

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