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Darkness threatens to envelop the Earthen Realm! As the Celestial Emperor’s tomb opens, the powers of the Light Stealer are well within Chol Mugo’s grasp. Over in the sands of the Zasteri Badlands, a clandestine group of fanatics and its maniacal leader prepare to break free from their prison!

With the Kuranos Cube in hand, Chol Mugo has awoken the Celestial Emperor’s automaton guardians from their eternal slumber, and they now serve their new master. Break through the Peacekeeper and Shield Bearer in 12-player raids as you try to stop Chol Mugo from obtaining the Emperor’s ungodly power.

The first half of Nightfall Sanctuary will be available in the Blade & Soul: Eternal Night update, coming on May 9. In Nightfall Sanctuary, discover a new legendary Soul Shield, unparalleled gear, and new material that will allow your Soul to reach a new level of power!


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