PSP Games That Will Be Worth Your Time In 2021

Great news! After it was announced that the PSP store will be shut down, there is still a way for gamers to get their favourite PSP games!

Hence, for those who still want to enjoy themselves in some old-school PSP titles, they can purchase their desired PSP games via the PlayStation 3 or the Vita.

And having a large library with some of the best games, we are pretty confident that many gamers would want to reminisce through these classics.

As such, we have compiled several PSP games that we think players should try at least once in their gaming adventure. 

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PSP Games That Will Be Worth Your Time In 2021

Final Fantasy Crisis Core

1. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Genre: Action

Developers: Square Enix

Year Released: 2007


While it is pretty easy to commend a Final Fantasy game as they are all so good, however, a game doesn’t just become a company’s—around the time of release—top-selling game for several months.

Serving as a prequel and spin-off to the classic Final Fantasy VII—which is often hailed as one of the greatest games of all time—it is safe to say that Crisis Core has a lot of pressure piled on its results, and they delivered.

The story was fantastic with recurring characters from the series, giving them background and context for the much-acclaimed sequel.

That said, even if you are not the biggest Final Fantasy follower, Crisis Core in itself is a masterpiece of a game and still stands as one of the best games the PSP has to offer.

Try it out if you are a sucker for the action and hack and slash genre.

Similar games include: Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts


Brave Story New Traveler

2. Brave Story: New Traveler

Genre: JRPG, Turn-based Combat

Developers: Game Republic

Year Released: 2006


Brave Story: New Traveler is basically about a boy who was warped into a new universe called Vision and has to overcome several ordeals to turn his wish into a reality.

Admittedly, the plot is not its selling point as it does still follow a very formulaic RPG setup, but Brave Story: New Traveler wows us with its amazing visuals.

Knowing that the PSP is a pretty dated device, the game’s graphics still hold itself well ‘till today. With its excellent usage of a soft-light pastel colour scheme, you would think that the game is associated with Wes Anderson himself!

If you are looking for a pure and simple RPG, then Brave Story: New Traveler is the ideal game for you!

Similar games include: Crimson Gem Saga, Hexyz Force, Dragoneer’s Aria


Persona 3 Portable

3. Persona 3 Portable

Genre: JRPG, Social Simulation

Developers: Atlus

Year Released: 2006


Persona 3 is perhaps the starting game for most Persona fans today, as the third instalment of the franchise introduced a big change—it added social elements into the game.

The introduction of mechanics like the Social Links that require players to interact and form bonds with in-game characters has made the game more personal and combining that with its immersive plot, we estimate 80+ hours of gameplay once players are hooked.

As the game can be repetitive after some time, a PSP port for this PlayStation 2 classic is a genius move by Atlus. Players will no longer be limited to sitting down stagnantly for hours as with this portable port, they can enjoy the game while they are lying down on their bed or when waiting for someone at the station.

Similar games include: Danganronpa, Mana Khemia, The Legend of Heroes


Rock Band Unplugged

4. Rock Band Unplugged

Genre: Music

Developers: Backbone Entertainment, Harmonix Music System

Year Released: 2009


Are you a fan of old school music and want to vibe to it but you can’t play any instruments? Rock Band lets you play 4 instruments for every track!

Scroll and play through a playlist of songs by legendary bands and singers. Form your own band and progress through different tours in different cities and countries as you make your way to the pinnacle of music.

The gameplay is very rewarding where the game pushes you to progress your band and stage concerts worldwide. As you advance, more songs will be unlocked to maintain the freshness of the game.

DLCs are also available for this game where you can unlock additional songs from bands like Paramore and Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Similar games include: Guitar Hero, Band Hero, osu!


Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

5. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Genre: JRPG

Developers: Tri-Ace, Tose

Year Released: 2006


There are so many games based on Greek mythology like God of War and Hades but rarely the Norse mythology.

While the latest God of War centres around Norwegian folklore and its legends, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth did it before Chris Hemsworth made it popular.

You play as the beautiful valkyrie and are tasked with recruiting fallen heroes from Earth called Einherjar for the army of Odin to go into Ragnarok.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is very unique in its combat system with its timing-turn-based mechanics. While this might seem foreign to even veteran RPG players, we assure you with practice and some getting used to, players will adapt to the playstyle in no time!

Similar games include: Radiant Mythology, Fire Emblem, Yggdra Union



6. Patapon

Genre: Music, Strategy

Developers: Pyramid

Year Released: 2007


Settling scores with music seems like a decent way to go. Patapon is a game where the player needs to control an army called the ‘Patapon Tribe’ with rhythm and music.

Hence, orders like forwarding, retreating and attacking are all based on the beat and musical timing. You could say it is like a combination of the Total War games and Rock Band.

The game’s design has a very minimalistic approach with simple character designs, emphasising more on micro gameplay.

Sequels are also available for the same platform—Patapon 2 and Patapon 3—where additional features like character customization and multiplayer function are introduced.

Similar games include: Total War series, osu!, Rock Band


Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

7. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Genre: Action, RPG

Developers: Square Enix, Development Division 5

Year Released: 2010


Released around the end of the PSP product’s life cycle, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is the prequel to the iconic Kingdom Hearts series.

Choosing from 3 different characters—Ventus, Terra and Aqua—players will play through different storylines, unique to the selected characters.

The game is beautiful in every aspect, the worlds have their own touch and uniqueness. Derived from Disney, the worlds have their own bosses and stories, designed for each specific character.

Similar games include: Crisis Core, Dynasty Warriors, Bayonetta