PUBG Mobile 2.2 update adds new map and game mode

Nusa: the new map in the PUBG Mobile 2.2 update

The major new feature of the PUBG Mobile 2.2 update is undoubtedly the Nusa map arrival, playable in ranked and unranked games. Beyond its large size of 1 km², one of the particularities of this map lies in the Special Recall mechanics.

Indeed, if you are eliminated in the first four minutes of the game, you can reappear once, equipped with a random weapon. However, one of your teammates must still be alive to activate the Special Recall.

On Nusa, you’ll find new ways to get around with quad bikes, bikes that can be retrieved from bike shelters, elevators to navigate between floors of Telepak Town hotels, and several zip lines to move quickly from one point to another. However, the ziplines can be damaged so that they are unusable. To repair them, you’ll need one of the new weapons: The Tactical Crossbow.

In addition to being able to throw a rope to repair zip lines, the Tactical Crossbow can send flaming bolts and thus set buildings on fire. The other new weapon in this PUBG Mobile 2.2 update is the NS2000 Shotgun. Effective at short and medium range, this shotgun uses two different types of ammunition: lead cartridges for guesswork and 12-gauge bullets when aiming.

Gear Front: the new game mode

The other big news in this PUBG Mobile 2.2 update is the Gear Front game mode arrival. Available only in ranked mode on Nusa, Erangel and Livik maps, this mode adds 8 new skills to boost the gameplay.

That’s it for the new PUBG Mobile 2.2 update features, with the arrival of the Nusa map and the Equipment Battle mode. To stay informed about the news of your favorite games, I invite you to regularly consult our page dedicated to mobile news.

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