PUBG Mobile is One of the Best Mobile Games in 2020

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Tencent Games has been one of the most popular gaming companies in 2020. Why? PUBG. Battle royale games are still wildly popular, and PUBG Mobile helped Tencent rise the ladder in the gaming industry.

The mobile version of the game has revived the game’s popularity.
Tencent made the game free and available on:

• Apple’s iOS
• Google Android

Combined, the game has been downloaded over 400 million times and has 50 million daily active users. Chances are, you’ll play PUBG Mobile this year – after all, you’re probably like everyone else and staying home.

What’s even more impressive is that these figures do not count Tencent’s downloads in China. The country initially removed the version of the game in May because the company didn’t get approval to monetize the game.

And the game had to be modified to be more “patriotic” before it was approved.

China is a huge market, so the total downloads and active players every month is likely to be drastically different. The game released in China is designed to pay tribute to China’s government and is called “Game for Peace.”

Prior to the original game’s removal in the country it was reported that there were 70 million daily users in China.

What does this mean?

PUBG Mobile is a wildly popular game with likely 100 million active daily users if you account for China’s users, albeit the Game for Peace is different than the original and is more of an anti-terrorist game.

When you look at the number of pure downloads for a game, PUBG Mobile rivals Pokémon Go in terms of total downloads. The game, worldwide, has been downloaded as many as 1 billion times when accounting for downloads originating from China.

This puts the mobile version of the game within the top 10 of all-time in terms of download.

Due to the massive number of downloads alone, it’s safe to say that you’ll want to download PUBG Mobile this 2020. It’s one of the most popular games on the market today, but then, there’s also the option to buy PUBG Mobile UC.

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What is PUBG UC and Why Players Should Use It?

PUBG UC is short for Unknown Cash. UC is an in-game currency that is available for PUBG Mobile. When you purchase the currency, you’re able to use it for a variety of different things:

• Clothes
• Parachutes
• Crates
• Weapon skins

You’ll get UC through direct purchases with your real money or through a Royal Pass. Tencent earns their money through their app by offering PUBG UC. It’s a valuable currency that enables you to amplify your gameplay with fun extras.

But this isn’t for a pay-to-win type of impact.

The crates will provide you with a lot of great perks, but most people want the skins. Gamers want the ability to customize the way that their characters and weapons look, so UC is one of those opportunities.

You can receive PUBG UC in a variety of different ways. Which way is best for you? It depends on your level of commitment. A lot of people will buy their UC because it takes much less of a commitment.

Where Can Players Get Them

If you want to get UC, there are a variety of different methods:
1. Elite Pass. The Elite Pass is one option that allows you to get rewards each time you complete a seasonal task. These tasks will award you with free items, and sometimes, you’ll receive free UC.
2. Giveaway. You may be able to find giveaways that allow you to win a Royale Pass or direct UC. These giveaways are provided by YouTubers and others. But keep in mind that this is no guarantee.

But what we really like is purchasing cheaper UC from online retailers. You can find a lot of great savings when you purchase online. You can buy PUBG UC here and save a significant amount of money in the process.

You’ll be able to enjoy thousands of UC that you can spend on a variety of different items, including cosmetics.

Of course, always try to use a variety of the methods listed to maximize your UC. I like to buy some at first, spend them on the skins and items I really want, and then I will try to gain free UC using other methods outlined above.

The main issue is that the Elite Pass will yield you with about 350 UC – it’s really not much. Giveaways are also neat and fun to join. I really like giveaways because it’s free and you’ll be able to meet a lot of great people.

Whether it’s on Twitch or YouTube, there’s a massive community that will allow you to connect with others and have fun. Just be careful that the giveaway that you join doesn’t ask for your private or personal information.

Again, if you’re just starting out, you’ll find that it’s better to purchase PUBG UC. There are a lot of options, but you’re taking a risk if you want UC by just going with giveaways. The Elite Pass is a good option of course, but you won’t be able to accumulate much UC in the process.

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Why You Might Not Be as Good as You Think at PUBG Mobile

When you first start a game, if it’s too difficult, you may not want to play anymore. People are competitive, and losing every round is never fun. I remember trying Fortnite, parachuting in and being decimated by the people who knew how to play.

In League of Legends, I had a similar issue when everyone was yelling at me for picking one character over another when I really just wanted to have fun without hours of researching.

But when I downloaded PUBG Mobile, I went in, got a few kills and was really happy with my performance. I did very well, and I knew that if I kept playing, I would only do better and better.

I was hooked on PUBG Mobile.

But was I really this good?

While it hurts my ego to say this, no, I am not that good.

Bots Get You Hooked

PUBG didn’t want you to join a game and be called “noob” or be destroyed by other players. It’s not a lot of fun, so how can the designer lure gamers in? Bots.

That’s right – bots.

Polygon reports:

• Bots are in-game to help new players learn the ropes
• Bots are meant to help you build your confidence

Those first and second place wins make you feel good, but these first few games are sort of a trial to help you be a better player. You’ll be facing a tamped down player that allows you to get a kill and rank higher.

You’ll learn the ropes without having to die time and time again in the process.

If you think about it, the idea is actually quite genius. But you won’t be playing bots forever. Instead, you’ll:

• Rise in the ranks
• Boost your confidence and skills
• Slowly face fewer bots

The ratio of bots to humans will slowly go down so that you’re eventually playing against more and more real players. Players start the game thinking that they’re actually better than they are, continue playing and eventually become hooked.

If you continue playing, there’s a higher chance to buy PUBG Mobile UC and make the company money.

Whether you agree with the addition of bots or not, you have to admit that this is a great way to use psychology to get more players into the game. PUBG’s developers need to make money, and the more that people are enticed to play, the better.

But the company does not confirm this.

Maybe only new players are pitted against each other. No one knows for sure, but it is highly speculated that bots are involved when you first begin playing. There’s no reason to feel cheated or anything of the sort. A lot of players have complained, but you’re playing a free game. Bots aren’t going to impact your gameplay much.

When you begin playing, I recommend paying close attention to the way that the players you’re against pay to see what you think about them being bots or not. I noticed that the initial players were less responsive and didn’t run around or react to noises in the same manner.

Players that claim that they have tried PUBG for the first time ever have come in second or first place. But everyone that has played the game before knows that they’re not that good on the first try.

You also have to consider the high uninstall rates of games when the player loses their first few games. Numbers being floated around show that something like 40% to 50% of players will uninstall a game if they lose their first few matches.

Is this good or bad?

I think it’s a good thing because bots allow for a lower entry level that makes the game more enjoyable for everyone.

pubg mobile ingame

How to Improve Your Game

Feel bad about playing against a bot? Up your game. You have a lot of opportunities to improve your game. A lot. There are so many YouTube videos that can help you improve your game in just a 15- to 20-minute span.

I want you to do your own research here, but there are a few great videos that I want to share with you:

13 Pro Tips
Aiming tutorial
Aim and reflexes

Of course, you’ll learn a lot more by playing PUBG Mobile this 2020 and learning for yourself.

But I do have a few tips that I would love to share with you today. These tips include:

Land faster. You should try to move to the ground faster when possible. What you’ll want to do is freefall faster by pushing forward. You will rapidly descend to the ground by pushing forward so that you’re able to reach the ground faster. Your parachute will deploy, so there’s no concern of dying in the process. If you land faster, you’ll be able to gather weapons that are more powerful and get into position. It’s a benefit for all players to land fast.

Hunt for the best weapons. The map is filled with weapons. When you spend time trying to pick up weapons that are not going to benefit you, you’re reducing your chance of being able to go defensive or offensive. There are a few weapons you’ll want to pick up first because they’re insanely powerful: DP-28, S12K and an Uzi. All three of these weapons are insanely powerful, offer high fire rates and can help change the entire game for you. Assault rifles are another great choice.

Look for red plumes. Supply crates are going to offer the best items. These crates fall from the sky and will have red plumes so that they’re very easy to identify. But the downside is that there will almost always be snipers that are trying to kill you as you run for the crate. If you’re able to make it to the crate and get all of the goodies, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Stick together. If you’re dropping in with a team, don’t run off on your own and think that you’re Rambo running through the woods like a one-man army. Instead, try and stick close to your team, as you’ll be much stronger if you go out in numbers than trying to take everyone on alone. Communication and sticking together is almost always the best option.

PUBG Mobile is loads of fun, but it gets even more fun when you have the basics down. You’ll be able to use a combination of weapons, but I recommend choosing a combo and sticking to it. A lot of players will opt for the AR and sniper, while others gravitate towards the AKM and M416.

Pick the combo you want and keep experimenting and choosing it. Once you master your weapons, you’ll be a lot deadlier.

Every weapon also has recoil, so you’ll need to learn how to adapt to this recoil over time.