PUBG Mobile Karakin Tips & Tricks.

PUBG Mobile has officially dropped its latest Karakin map for players to run around, explore and survive. Karakin is considered one of the most explosive maps that PUBG has to offer, and if you continue on reading, you’ll know why. Plus, check out this trailer from PUBG Mobile’s own YouTube Channel:

Before you drop in to the game, make sure to get some PUBG Mobile UC to improve your odds with skins and outfits. If you’re looking to get some Chicken Dinners, read on for some useful tips and tricks!


5 Tips & Tricks For PUBG Mobile’s Karakin Map

Investigate The Tunnels

pubg mobile karakin tunnels

At this point, we’re all well aware of the tunnels and the loot it holds right? So make sure to make your way over to the middle of the map to those bunker-like buildings with a flag on them and explore! Leave the other players scavenging around the shoreline and ruined buildings.

Now, to prepare for the tunnels, make sure to have a sticky bomb to blast away the entrance, and remember to keep an eye out for other players. The bomb would draw attention so move fast! You could also trick other players and ambush them when they run over to the tunnel entrance.

Once inside, make sure to be prepared for any close combat situations whilst keeping your back guarded at all times. There is a network of tunnels for you to discover and you’ll never know where you’ll end up. Some of these tunnels lead to underwater caves with lots of loot, it really is hard to estimate where the tunnels will lead you.


Stock Up on Sticky Bombs

pubg mobile sticky bomb

The invention and release of Sticky Bombs are somewhat a godsend in this map, so make sure to have some equipped at all times. Fun fact: you can carry up to 18 sticky bombs in your backpack! For those who are unaware, sticky bombs are time bombs that can stick on any surface for ease of access. It’s easily one of the most useful things in the game, especially with a lot of blocked doors or areas you might want to get into.

With the implementation of destructible brick walls, there are now more reasons to have sticky bombs with you. For example, if there is an enemy behind a wall, you could just surprise them by throwing a sticky bomb and gunning them down. 

The sticky bomb can also be used as a distraction in your strategies, as people will be drawn to the explosion and you can trap or ambush them. It all depends on how creative you want to get with this weapon.


Grab A One-Shot Panzerfaust

pubg mobile panzerfaust

Those who have experienced the Panzerfaust before in previous modes would know that this WWII rocket launcher brings a whole load of destruction. Do note that the Panzerfaust is a single-use weapon, but one shot is all you need if properly used. It is best used at a short-mid range distance, so aiming it in an open space or certain entry point (window, doorway, etc.) is your best bet.

You can aim it at a group of people for maximum damage or aim it at a building to help your planned escape. Of course, always remember to strategize and have an idea of what you want to do with your weapons and progression throughout the map. Don’t just run around blindly, that’s not going to work at all!

If you or your teammates are stuck somewhere, you could use the Panzerfaust to blast them out and make your own exit. This weapon is littered almost everywhere on the map, so you are sure to come across it somehow. 


Run Away From Black Zones

pubg mobile UC

The Karakin map has brought along with it the Black Zone which is similar to the red zones of Erangel and Miramar. When we say the Karakin map is explosive, we truly meant it! If you see the Black Zone appearing, make sure to evacuate as fast as possible because your entire area will be destroyed with you in it. Hiding anywhere won’t help you if you’re in the area.

So if you don’t want to be sacrificed, make sure to hightail out of there! A warning will be flashed on your screen and your map will have a purplish circle on it, so get out of that circle to a safer place. 

In this commotion, there will be others who share the same fate as you. You can choose to kill them but also make sure to watch your own back. Chances are if you’re busy thinking of taking advantage of the situation, others are too.


High Grounds & High Buildings

There is a lot of high ground and high buildings on this map that you can camp and snipe people down on, so take advantage of that! Another plus point is that you can scout for enemies and places to note down and explore from high up. Your enemies will not see you coming and you will have a better grasp of the whole area.

Aside from that, make sure to always be careful and aware of where you are standing. Make sure that nobody can see you when you’re running around the top of buildings. Move around with caution and stealth. Rooftops usually have weapons and loot that cater to those who enjoy sniping people, so make note of that.



Hopefully, with these 5 tips in mind, you would have a better chance at chicken dinners and surviving Karakin! Let us know in the comments below! We’re excited to hear about your wins.

We also have an infographic on the hotspots for you to drop in for PUBG Mobile’s new Karakin map so do check that out! We promise it’s useful and you can save it for reference too.


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