PUBG Mobile | React Survival Mode is here!

React Survival Mode is available now in PUBG Mobile. In what was clearly inspired by the popular 2021 series Squid Game, players will be thrown into a controlled environment with a tracksuit that has a number on it.

They will then play a demonic game of red light/green light where they will try to make it all the way to the end without getting killed or sabotaged by other players in the process.

React Survival Mode will challenge players to survive the watchful eye of Evil Rabbit. In the all-new React: Survival game mode, players must cross the finish line before the allotted time expires, but they can only move while Evil Rabbit’s back is turned, and the music is playing. If you move a step once the music stops and Evil Rabbit is watching, you’ll be eliminated. Patient players, who take their time and learn the patterns of Evil Rabbit, will be able to make it to the end and win their freedom.

In addition to this new mode, players will finally get a chance to snag the long-awaited Avalanche X-Suit. The new outfit is purely cosmetic and will have no effect on the game when you put it on, but it will come with some additional items as there will be extra easter eggs on Spawn Island. Will you be able to locate the Frost Blade? You’ll have a chance to get the suit this week as it will be available to players beginning on December 24th.







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