PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 13 Introduces Toy Playground



Suit up in PUBG Mobile with the highly anticipated Royale Pass Season 13, featuring the Toy Playground theme meant to invoke nostalgia! From May 13 onwards, iOS and Android players can jump right in to the fresh season and collect themed rewards which include new gear skins, outfits and more.

Join the Carton Rangers in the Toy Playground in PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 13. Unlocking the pass will give you the option of either the Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger at level 50, and the Ultra Defender Set at Rank 100. In-game challenges will also be available to players to complete for a myriad of special and rare items.

The latest season includes new features:

  • Puppet Agent– The Puppet Agent outfit boasts three separate forms, which can be mixed and matched for ultimate customization. Players who reach the highest rank can also upgrade the outfit to Mythic rarity
  • New Challenge Series– Players can unlock upgrades to their outfits by completing the Toy Mastery and Puppet Agent series special missions
  • Notification Upgrades– All RP mission reminders at the on the result page have been improved for players to see their mission progress easier; also added reminders at the beginning and the end of the season
  • Additional Bug Fixes– Tutorial guides and some bugs have been addressed and fixed.


May 7 saw Miramar enveloped in a mysterious sandstorm, just as it received a massive wave of new features and locations. As a special event of the 0.18.0 content update, PUBG Mobile will be hosting a 24-hour livestream of the sandstorm to showcase Miramar on the official Youtube channel.

Last but not least, stay tuned to more information about upcoming game features, including the Jungle Adventure Guide, Bluehole Mode in EvoGround and more.

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