PUBG New State: Footage Reveals Pre-Register Vehicle Skin

The gaming community are excitedly waiting for the release of PUBG New State and recent footage has revealed the vehicle skin those who pre-register will receive for free.

The new battle royale gaming coming exclusively to iOS and Android phones is PUBG’s way of expanding the great franchise they have created. The game was revealed all the way back in February 2021, and many are hoping that it will arrive later in October 2021, but this may not be for every country. PUBG New State allowed many to pre-register for this game to make sure that they get the game at the exact moment that it releases.

What is crazy is the fact that over 40,000,000 people have pre-registered for PUBG New State, and this shows how much hype there is around this game.

Those who have already pre-registered for the game will be treated to a free vehicle skin, and players can finally see what they will receive as footage surfaced on social media showing exactly what the vehicle skin will look like.

To view the video, have a look at the link down below. You can also check out PUBG Mobile top up deals at OffGamers below!




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