PUBG’s New Map Brings Us to Korea, and Back From The Dead

We get a new map with the new PUBG: Battlegrounds update. The new map, Taego, is part of the game’s 12.2 update, which also adds a self-revive item, a mini-battle royale to get you back into a match after you die, and dozens of other changes.

The map is full of Korean rural villages, towns, and even a maximum-security prison for players to explore. Even more importantly, for all the players that have missed PUBG’s larger maps, Taego has tons of open ground to fight over.


But while its size might be in line with that of traditional PUBG maps, a few of Taego’s other features are totally new for the game. For instance, the game’s new self-revival item, which allows defeated players to get themselves up, not the usual waiting for teammates. It is a very different from anything the battle royale game has offered so far.

Taego also has a new mechanic called Comeback BR that will allow players who are eliminate during the first Blue Zone a chance at redemption. During Comeback BR — which is only available in Taego duos and squads matches — players who die during the first Blue Zone will be transported to the Comeback Arena, where they’ll attempt to outlast a timer in a mini BR match. If they survive the timer, they’ll return to the regular match. It’s a fight for redemption.


This is a totally new mechanic for PUBG, but one that has said to be requested by players for a while now.

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