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To Celebrate PUBG Mobile Season 11 and Operation Tomorrow has landed. We are giving out Limited Time Bundle Offer!!

With the new year comes a new season, featuring never before seen weapons and vehicles.

Event Period: January 20th ~ January 31st, 2020

Royale Pass Season 11: Operation Tomorrow!
New TDM Arena map
New Domination mode

Classic mode – New Vehicle: Light Snowmobile

A Light Snowmobile has been added. This vehicle only spawns in Vikendi and is the perfect ride for two. It is faster and moves more efficiently than the Snowmobile, but is also more easily damaged. The 2-seater motorcycle will no longer spawn in Vikendi after the Snowbike is added to the map.

Arena – New Domination map: Town
– An expansive, realistic map with abundant terrain that gives players an immersive experience!
Pubg season11
Pubg season11_2
1. Domination mode splits players into 2 teams of 4. The map has 3 bases, and the first team to capture 2 bases wins. One random base will be activated soon after the match begins, and the next base will be activated after the first base is captured.

2. Super Weapon Crates can be activated in Domination mode for a massive boost (only available in Domination: Town).


Royale Pass Season 11: Operation Tomorrow
More missions, more new rewards, and more high-quality futuristic outfits to wow everyone!
Pubg season11_3


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