R.O.H.A.N Eternal Vengeance: Cyber Monday – Week Sales!

R.O.H.A.N Eternal Vengeance: Cyber Monday – Week Sales!

R.O.H.A.N November Cyber Monday is here with lots of discounts and special sales.

This time we will have a coupon, a boost, a 1 RPs Box, RPs Spent and a GM Mystery Box. With great discounts over discounts!

Week Boost

  • Exp: 250%
  • Drop: 275%
  • Forging: 60% increased success rate
  • Refinement: 60% increased success rate
  • Reinforcement (Crafted item): 60% increased success rate
  • Enhancement (Forged item): 60% increased success rate


RPs Spent

  • 8500 RPs > Origin of Transcendence (+15 Confirm Stat) x1 + GM Mystery Box x2
  • 15000 RPs > +1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +12) x1 + Rare Preservation Stone(IM) x2
  • 18000 RPs > +1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +15) + Pet Adoption Ticket x2
  • 21000 RPs > Exclusive Abradant (10%) x1
  • 42000 RPs > All x2


Coupon code – “cybermonday1114”

Go to R.O.H.A.N enter the code and receive reward!
Reward include Rohan Day Special Scroll x1, New Year’s Blessing Scroll (3H) x5, Holy Teardrop x 5, Scroll of abundance(3H) x2 and 400% Growth Seal(2H) x2.

Additionally there are 1 RP box, GM Mystery Box, and Sale!

Cyber Monday will last from now to Nov 17th, 2022 23:59 PDT Time
Get your RPs with OffGamers now!



Razer Gold

Cherry Credits







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