R.O.H.A.N Eternal Vengeance: Gamer Day Sale

R.O.H.A.N Eternal Vengeance: Gamer Day Sale

Happy Gamers Day! This week R.O.H.A.N will have a coupon, a boost, a 1 RPs Box, RPs Spent and a GM Mystery Box!

There is also New Costumes, amazing special raffle and some extra royal sword rewards!


Week Boost

  • Exp: 250%
  • Drop: 250%
  • Forging: 55% increased success rate
  • Refinement: 55% increased success rate
  • Reinforcement (Crafted item): 55% increased success rate
  • Enhancement (Forged item): 55% increased success rate


RPs Spent

  • 8500 RPs > Origin of Transcendence (+15 Confirm Stat) x1 + 777 Minor Experience Pouch x2
  • 15000 RPs > +1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +12) x1 + 777 Intermediate Experience Pouch x2
  • 18000 RPs > Pet Adoption Ticket x6 + 777 Superior Experience Pouch (200 Billions EXP) x2
  • 21000 RPs > Exclusive Abradant (10%) x1


Coupon code – “gamerdaysales”

Go to R.O.H.A.N enter the code and receive reward!

Reward include Rohan Day Special Scroll x1, New Year’s Blessing Scroll (3H) x5, Holy Teardrop x 5, Golden Monkey – 3 days x1 and 400% Growth Seal(2H) x2.


Additonally there are Extra Event, RPs Event, New Costume, RP box, GM Mystery Box and Sale!

The Even last from Aug 29, 2022 to Sep 1, 2022.


Get your RPs at OffGamers now!



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For more Information, please visit:
R.O.H.A.N Eternal Vengeance Forum

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