Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Royal-Tea Mar exclusive headwear gacha 1 Mar – 1 Apr!

Magic Frosting Frames

The world should be watered with cream: It would make the streets gentle, make the clouds sweet, make the clear lake waters glisten like frosting, replacing scattered lonely starlight.

Teatime Pastry Cart

A cart heaped with breads and cakes, warm and fragrant, fresh from the oven. How appetizing!

“”Oh? The bakery cart comes with a free coffee bear? “”

“”Nonsense, I am the boss! I am not a gift… … Oh well, would you like a Cream Strawberry? “”

Sweet Whirlwind

You feel a gentle breeze in your heart when you take a bite. This recipe contains sweetness, aroma, failure that has been overcome, and lots and lots of love. A delicious cake.

A Date With Blue Velvet [1]

The very essence of royal afternoon tea. Its smell suffuses through the air, until you think of nothing else and you cannot control your hand that’s reaching towards the pastries…. Ahh, it’s another day held hostage to exquisite happiness!

ChocoBerry Biscuit

One of the plainest-looking royal desserts, the ChocoBerry Biscuit is actually a rare treat that is only ever handmade in small batches. The refreshing berry tartness of the all-butter shortbread base pairs remarkably well with the silky smoothness of the highest-quality bittersweet chocolate it sandwiches. A deliciously exquisite delicacy that astounds and delights.

Rose Manor Earl Grey

A very special afternoon tea made of specially-cultivated rose petals from the royal gardens blended with top quality black tea from the hill estates of Umbala, as well as other aromatics from a secret formula. The Rose Manor Earl Grey exudes a particularly refreshing aroma, and with its vibrant appearance and the floral elegance of its taste, it truly makes for an unforgettable experience.

Cotton Candy Chef Hat [1]

The symbol of the imperial chef, a representation of the ultimate achievement a chef can receive. The first imperial chef created a cloud-like cotton candy to garnish Tristan I’s meal after the award ceremony. Its light sweetness melted into the savory richness of the dish, creating a gastronomical balance that is still emulated to this day.



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