Ragnarok Online: Corridor of Phantoms

Corridor of Phantoms is back once again, a limited-time instance where you will face off against a myriad of upgraded MVP monsters!

High end MVPs
The Corridor has 3 floors, and while the monsters within may look familiar, they’ve been upgraded with higher stats and new skills. You’ll have to bring your A-game if you hope to defeat them and win their coveted Flowers!

Entering the Corridor
Requirements: Base Level XX
Starting Location: Comodo (214, 186)
Cooldown: 3 days for free entry, 1 day for paid entry

Entrance to the Corridor of Phantoms requires a Phantom’s Seal or Phantom’s Invitation.

Phantom’s Seal
Can be obtained from the Phantom’s Spirit (Comodo 214, 186) once every 3 days and grants you entry into the Corridor for 1 hour.

Phantom’s Invitation
You have a chance to receive Phantom’s Invitation x3 from the latest Kachua Update.

With your Seal or Invitation in hand, you may enter the Corridor at Comodo (208, 187).

Flowers Left by Phantoms
The monsters within the Corridor won’t drop items associated with their regular counterparts, but will instead drop Flowers Left by Phantom.

Collect 10 Flowers Left by Phantoms and bring them to the Phantom’s Spirit in exchange for a mystery prize. Cards are a possible prize you can win from the Phantom’s Spirit, so rack up those Flowers!

For more info on Hero Weapon Box and other details: http://renewal.playragnarok.com/news/eventdetail.aspx?id=1557&p=1



Multi Game Card (MGC)




Game Card
Razer Gold
Razer Gold



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