Ragnarok Online (MY/SG) – Dungeon Spotlight: Einbroch Mine

Adding the new maps. Explore the all-new fields and towns with adventure. Invade into the dungeons at Einbech Mine and Kiel Robot Factory which there are plenty of monsters for you to hunt and get those rare items!

New map

Lighthalzen: City of science, prosperity, and progress leading by the leading scientist. The city is the commercial center of Schwarzwald. This city is full of shopping center and accommodation. You can access the city by using the Airship from Juno.


Einborch: One of the important city of Schwarzwald. It’s the first modern industrial city of Midgard. This city is full of the population and the wealthy people but also full of pollution. It is the starting point of steam engine invention and manufacturing industry. You can go to Einbeach from here by the train only 200 Zeny.

Einbech: Substation city of Einbroch. It is located at southwest of Juno. The city has a small mine, factory, and industrial area. The most of the resources in this city were invested to develop the Einborch. That is the reason why this city has less population.


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New dungeon

Kiel Robot Factory: Secret place under the Kiel Hyre educational institution which is the school only for orphans. The factory is established by Kiel Jr. and his father. The basement of this school is building as a robot factory. There is a rumor that Kiel Jr. produced the new version of robots which have high performance than the first 2 robot version that his father did. If you want to explore, we suggest you go to yuno_fild08 which is the location of this institution.


Einbech Mine: The Mine dungeon which is located at Einbech Station. There is a story that around 10 years ago, miners drilled underground until it encroached the area of big demon creature, Ungoliant and lead to the tragedy. Since then, this mine is dangerous for the adventurer that would like to explore.


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