Ragnarok Online – Overseas Care Package XXI

Overseas Care Package volume 21(!!) is here!

For 300 Kafra Points, you have a chance of receiving one of the following items at random:

· Imperial Feather
· Gambler’s Seal
· Royal Guard Necklace
· Prontera Militia Glove [1]
· Prism Rangers Scarf
· Old Morroc Shawl [1]
· Pure White Marching Hat [1]
· Mechanic Shoes [1]
· (8) Blacksmith Blessing
· (5) Bloody Dead Branch
· (10) Oda’s Miracle Elixir


Top up Ragnarok Online now and get new items!


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Ragnarok Online



For more information, please visit:
Ragnarok Online: Overseas Care Package XXI.