Rainbow Six Siege: Containment Event

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new, limited-time event, Containment, and it’s a tie-in for the series’ next game.

Containment is a PvP event and will begin on Aug 3 until Aug 24. Containment is said to be “inspired by the upcoming game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction,” which was re-titled from Rainbow Six Quarantine during an E3 2021 reveal in June. COVID sensitive perhaps?

Containment will take place on a reworked version of the Consulate map. In-game, the building is overrun by the Chimera parasite, whose outbreak forms the narrative context of Extraction. It was also the basis of Operation Chimera, an expansion for Siege that launched in 2018, which introduced a cooperative event called Outbreak.

Containment’s new playlist is called Nest Destruction. Players will get a look at REACT, the faction that will be doing most of the cleanup in Extraction. In Nest Destruction, the Attackers are REACT agents (a news release in July said Rainbow operators Ash, Mira, and Thermite formed this squad). The Defenders are alien shapeshifters who look like REACT teammates, but can only use melee attacks. Attackers are there to destroy the nest, Defenders are there to destroy the Attackers.

Containment will offer 33 unique items, including uniforms and weapon skins, for operators IQ, Ace, Blackbeard, Amaru, Zero, Aruni, Jager, Kaid, Mira, and Warden. These items are available in Siege’s shop for 1680 R6 credits, or in Containment Packs that run 300 R6 credits or 12,500 renown.

Rainbow Six Extraction was originally expected to launch Sept. 16, but in mid-July, Ubisoft announced it was postponing that release until January 2022.



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