Rainbow Six Siege Players Are Getting The Ban Hammer For Chat Exploits

Ubisoft has started a ban wave on players who cheated in Rainbow Six Siege by spamming symbols on their opponent’s chat window.

[quote style=’1′ cite=” title=”]We will initiate a ban wave in accordance with the following section from the Code of Conduct. Any conduct which interrupts the general flow of Gameplay in the Game client, forum, or any other Ubisoft medium. These bans are targeting players that abused the chat symbol exploit to crash matches. They will have varying lengths, depending on the frequency and severity of the exploit’s usage. This is our next step towards sanctioning players that knowingly and deliberately take advantage of exploits to the detriment of the overall match.[/quote]

rainbow six siege chat abuse

This exploit which some Siege players have used to their advantage with the intention of slowing down another person’s game, the duration of the ban will be given out according to how frequent and severe the exploits were used previously.