RAN Online – Summer Updates #2: Thrills Of The Outer Wall!


News Date: 25th August 2014

News Info:

RAN Online – Summer Updates #2: Thrills Of The Outer Wall!

Are you ready for a new season?

RAN Online – Summer Updates #2: Thrills of the Outer Wall will be launched on this 25th August 2014 (Monday). Check out on the new update HERE!

The Outer Wall

A brand new, extremely challenging and fun instance map “The Outer Wall”! Showing you an abandoned city after a fierce war, crushed buildings everywhere and zero gravity environment! Come experience it yourself for this great new map of RAN Online!

CDM Renewal

The second hit of Summer Updates Chapter 2, CDM Renewal! Not just map but the rewards as well has been renewed! Check the follow information for more details~!

Map Renewal

New Reward Item Box

“CDM Honor Awards” item can only be obtained if won (ranked) at CDM Battle.

New Reward Item Box List for CDM can be checked in HERE.


CDM Participation System

– Club and Party have to APPLY the Request to Join the CDM 10 minutes before start.
– If do not Applying, the Club and Party cannot join the CDM Battle once it started.
– Duration for the CDM Battle is 30 Minutes.

Other Updates

– PvP and PvE UI Renewal
– Items Display And Effect changes
– Extra Activity Updates
– Tyranny Modification
– NPC Updates

*Note: GaMonster reserves the right to terminate/ change or/and amend any details of the content. Kindly refer to RAN Online website for latest updates.

For more information, please visit: RAN Online Official Site.

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