Ranking All Adventurers from DNF Duel

Ranking All Adventurers from DNF Duel


Another new fighting game has entered the arena and this DNF Duel is packing some heat with some really interesting characters. As of writing, there are 16 playable characters—or as the game calls it adventurers—and we will be ranking them based on their usability and power level.

So whether you are new to the genre or have some experience with it, this list will help you get a gist of how each of the characters work. Plus, this list will also reveal where these Adventurers stand in the current meta from the strongest to the weakest.

So let’s get started!

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Disclaimer: The ranking below is purely opinion-based and the reader’s discretion is advised.


Swift Master DNF Duel


1. Swift Master


As his name suggests, Swift Master’s greatest asset is his lightning-quick movements that can cover up misplays that are commonly done by beginners. As such, Swift Master is favoured among many as there is very little room for error.

Besides his low-risk executions, Swift Master has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. Some of his combos have some form of mix-up that can really throw opponents off. Hence, to go up against a Swift Master, you will need to understand his moves or you’ll be punished severely.

Fast, fun and borderline broken.


Hitman DNF Duel


2. Hitman


A versatile Adventurer that almost excels in all departments. Decently tanky, has good attack range and has arguably one of the best Reversal moves in the game. Hitman is truly a force to be reckoned with.

The thing that is stopping him from claiming the top spot is that his setup can be troublesome. This means beginners might have a tough time utilising him to his full potential. That said, with the right hands, Hitman can wipe the floor with almost any Adventurer.


Crusader DNF Duel


3. Crusader


Crusader is basically the walking tank of all Adventurers. Don’t misunderstand when we say “tank” as this Adventurer can pack some serious punch as well.

Aside from being a certified damage soak, the Crusader attacks and combos are relatively easy to execute. This makes Crusader a very beginner-friendly Adventurer as his flowchart is straightforward and his high HP makes punishes from opponents way less punishing.

Crusader is basically just a low-risk and high-reward Adventurer—mindless and safe.


Kunoichi DNF Duel


4. Kunoichi


On paper, Kunoichi is a rather difficult Adventurer to use, mainly because of her convoluted game plan. However, if you are adept with her, she can deal insane amounts of damage in a short span of time with her combos and special moves.

Like with Himan, Kunoichi has a very powerful Reversal which she can use to outplay even seasoned players. The only real downside we notice from Kunoichi is that she is rather frail. Players will need to minimise the damage she’s taking and that can be tricky for newcomers.

Nevertheless, practice makes perfect. We’re sure that by playing her enough, you’ll naturally adapt to her moves while also figuring out a winning strategy with her.


Troubleshooter DNF Duel


5. Troubleshooter


Many people tend to compare Troubleshooter with Hitman as they share almost a similar game plan. Hence, you’d probably be wondering why we—maybe controversially—placed Troubleshooter lower down in the list. For us, it is actually due to its slow execution.

His rather slow execution can be troublesome for newbies and learning this character might actually take some time.

Even so, Troubleshooter has a truckload of options against different scenarios and has higher damage numbers compared to Hitman.


Berserker DNF Duel


6. Berserker


Players can quite literally go berserk with Berserker. This Adventurer’s moves are extremely difficult to predict and let alone punish. In other words, Berserker is another really safe character that has close to no risks.

To top it all off, Berserker’s moves also have high damage numbers with a really good reach. Combining all these with his super-good MP moves, Berserker’s enemies are in for a whole world of pain.


Inquisitor DNF Duel


7. Inquisitor


The Inquisitor is the jack of all trades and master of none. Despite not specifically excelling at one thing, the Inquisitor is a very stable Adventurer to play.

Her moves are safe and have a good hit range with her normal attacks which makes her a viable option for beginners. A solid choice and a solid character.

This is also not to say that Inquisitor does not have any quirks of her own. Her moves can be combined creatively to form different mix-ups that can really harm unsuspecting opponents. This will require some form of understanding of her character though.


Striker DNF Duel


8. Striker


If you’re new to the Fighting genre then Striker is for you. Agile and explosive, her combos and attacks are generally easy to pull off and connect. Some may consider her a little too “spammy” but if that is what you like then go for it!

One thing we recommend Striker players take note of is that gap closing is really huge with Striker. Her attack range isn’t the greatest so the main question here is getting your enemy up close.

Figure that out and you’ll be an extremely fearsome Striker user.


Dragon Knight DNF Duel


9. Dragon Knight


Dragon Knight is one of the safest Adventurers to play. This is because she has a panic strategy where she summons her dragon which is very hard to defend against. Players can use this during do-or-die situations.

Just like Inquisitor, Dragon Knight does not really excel specifically in one department but is above average in all of them. Her combos are decent and her mix-ups are reliable in pulling off clutch moments.


Ranger DNF Duel


10. Ranger


An Adventurer that abuses the distance between opponents, Ranger can zone enemies across the entire screen. While that is all good and dandy, the problem he has is his execution speed.

However, if you were to put the time and effort into working on his timing, Ranger’s combos can be devastating. Done correctly, he can seamlessly chain 1-2 combos together that can take away huge chunks off the enemy’s health bar.


Ghostblade DNF Duel


11. Ghostblade


Ghostblade is the glass cannon of DNF Duel. While he can deal an absurd amount of damage, his Reversal isn’t something to write home about, making him very susceptible to block strings.

We won’t really recommend Ghostblade for newcomers because you will really need to know what you are doing when using him. For one, you need to make full use of his Awakening and when to properly use it.

Study him well and give him some practice. Do that, and you’ll be tearing away your opponent’s health in a flash.


Enchantress DNF Duel


12. Enchantress


Enchantress is a very unique character and her play style that revolves around her teddy bear is very different from the other Adventurers. Unfortunately, that can also be her Achilles Heel as putting her moves into practice could be difficult.

Additionally, it also doesn’t help that Enchantress has a low HP pool which means if you’re not careful, you’ll be swept away by a high damage combo. To play her well, you need to play around her weaknesses in fragility and focus on her strengths.

The Enchantress’ greatest asset is her element of surprise. Her teddy bear moves are pretty hard to read and can “cheese” out many situations. Use this to your advantage to throw your opponent off guard.


Vanguard DNF Duel


13. Vanguard


It’s kinda ironic that an Adventurer named Vanguard doesn’t fare well against pressure plays from enemies, but it is what it is. One of the main issues of Vanguard is that he does not have a reliable Reversal tool to get out of tight situations. This makes him super vulnerable when he is backed into a corner.

The things that Vanguard have going for him are his insane attack range and long combos. His melee range is very dependable which players can use to easily whiff-punish missed moves.

Hence, to play Vanguard well, you need to be an opportunist and take all the chances you have to punish your opponent’s mistakes.


Lost Warrior DNF Duel


14. Lost Warrior


Lost Warrior has a lot of issues. His basic attacks are not comparable with most of the Adventurers and he has very limited options when it comes to formulating a game plan.

Being able to stop time is certainly fun, but when all things considered, Lost Warrior is just not reliable and in the current metagame, he is definitely going to fall short.


Launcher DNF Duel


15. Launcher


Launcher can be seen as the queen of zoning and that really is about it. From a distance, she can be extremely pesky by mowing down her enemy without having to get close.

Unfortunately, her damage output is horrid and her combos are below average with close to no abusable mechanics. While we’re not saying Launcher is completely unusable, it’s just that using her will require a lot of effort and you cannot get away with just spamming 1 or 2 combos.


Grappler DNF Duel


16. Grappler


Grappler isn’t necessarily a bad Adventurer but it’s just that it has very limited options. Similar to Launcher, to play him well, you need to be really experienced with the game mechanics. His toolkit is extremely short ranged and also super slow to boot.

All of these make him really annoying to use, but again, when used correctly, he can be a different beast. His throws are really powerful and if he is able to execute them, he will surely leave a dent in his opponent’s health bar.


And there we have it, we’ve finally ranked all of the Adventurers from DNF Duel! It is also important to note that this list is not definitive. What really matters is the player using the characters. If you’re really good, even a “bottom-tier” character can do wonders for you.