Ranking All Bundesliga FIFA 23 TOTS

After ranking all the EPL TOTS, we are now bringing you the ranking of all the Bundesliga TOTS for FIFA 23. And like with the previous ranking, this will be from worst to best and we will not be including Objectives, SBCs and Moments TOTS cards.

With that all clear, let’s begin the countdown!

1. Jonas Hofmann

Jonas Hofmann
Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

At this stage of the game, having just 85 Pace and 90 Passing as a CAM isn’t really going to cut it. Hofmann’s saving grace is that he is German so he will have a lot of chemistry options if you are looking to build a budget team.

Another thing you can perhaps brag about is his work rates being High/High. This means he will be an engine in the midfield trying to win tackles and offering passing options. Still, he is not exactly a household name and his stats at this stage are pretty mediocre.

2. Gregor Kobel

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Goalkeepers are a hit or miss, it is either they do really well or they do really bad. Kobel doesn’t really have an ideal height so he will leak some goals here and there. His reflexes are pretty good but his other stats are nothing to write home about.

The thing is, Kobel is also really hard to merge with a mixed squad. Hailing from Switzerland, there are only a few great players he can pair himself with outside of the Bundesliga. That said, he is still 92-rated so, even if you don’t plan to use him, he could be decent for fodder in the future.

3. Niclas Füllkrug

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Fullkrug is all right but at this point, there are just so many better options you can consider. Even Moments Reus can give him a good run for his money and he is guaranteed in the SBC section.

Physically, Fullkrug is a beast and he can win a lot of aerial duels against leaner defenders. His 87 Pace might be a problem though because while he is strong, having a sluggish start will give the opposition’s defenders a chance to challenge Fullkrug before he even starts his run. He is usable but eventually, you’ll be looking to replace him.

4. Julian Brandt

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

A great player that can play in many great positions but he is just average at best. Sure, he might have good links because he is German but all in all, he doesn’t really excel in one thing. Ultimately, he might just be a better Hofmann.

To play Brandt well, you need to have a lot of manual skills because he is not as automatic as players like Casemiro or Makelele. You will need to operate him with your own pure FIFA skills so beginner players might struggle with him. 

5. Randal Kolo Muani

Kolo Muani
Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Honestly, Kolo Muani is not too bad as a striker. He has a very country in France and a decent pace to boot. The only problem is that there are just too many French strikers that do the job way better than him.

To name a few, even POTM Ben Yedder could be better than him and being in Ligue 1 also means Ben Yedder has a lot more options. That said, this year’s Bundesliga striker option isn’t looking too hot ever since Lewandowski left for Barcelona. Still, he is massively outshined by another player that we will mention later in this list.

6. Nico Schlotterbeck

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Schlotterbeck’s OTW card was awesome during the early stages of the game. He has a decent pace and his height makes him great for aerial duels. Sadly, moving into the late game, his TOTS card is very average and even FUT Birthday Hummels could be better.

Nevertheless, Scholotterbeck is reasonably priced in the market so like with the others on top of this list, he could be one of your choices in building a very budget team.

7. Jeremie Frimpong

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Frimpong was brilliant in FIFA 22 and currently, he is possibly even better. 99 Pace with a High/High attacking and defensive work rate is crazy. As a fullback, he will be going up and down the wings like a madman boasting a 91 score in Aggression.

He is almost everything you want in a fullback. The only thing that you might want to complain about is his small stature. Even so, his insane speed makes up for that and before any strikers/wingers can go up, he will be in front of them.

8. Alphonso Davies

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Not much is needed to be said about Davies, he is absurdly good and he is possibly the best fullback you can get for your Bundesliga team. Although, you might be stuck building him around German League players because there aren’t many Canadian players that are playing for the top four leagues.

Like with Frimpong, his speed is off the roof with equally as good of work rates. He is a little more physical and having 5-star skill moves makes him a beast in the wing, defending against him when he is playing offensively is truly despair.

9. Leroy Sane

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

To be frank, we thought Sane will be higher rated but either way, he is still very good and having a good nationality and awesome alternate positions help a lot. He is a solid pick for any German team and his dribbling just feels so comfortable.

While his preferred position is LM, we’ve seen decent success with him on CAM. He is quick and agile and if you are a dribbler, you’ll find great use with him. His shots are pretty crazy as well and having a CAM or a winger that can threaten with a shot or key pass is always a plus.

10. Matthijs de Ligt

De ligt
Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

De Ligt is as solid as you can get in a CB. He is strong, quick and dangerous during set pieces. Right now, he is very expensive in the market and that goes to show how good he is in-game. His awesome chemistry with Frimpong on the right certainly helps as well.

Slap a Shadow chemistry style on de Ligt and you’ll see him become a monster in the centre of the park. He’ll chase anything down and combined with his overwhelming physicality, he is a rock wall in front of your goalpost.

11. Joshua Kimmich

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

It’s Kimmich so there’s nothing much to be said. He has been insane in previous FIFAs and he is still insanely good in FIFA 23. For his small size, having a 90 Physical stat is almost unheard of. He is super strong and can honestly be a CB with his stats.

As a CDM is extremely reliable on all occasions. He can defend and can create as a deep-lying playmaker. And if you want to play him differently, his RB position isn’t too bad as well. So, if you have an extra CDM to spare and don’t have Frimpong, Kimmich as an RB can work as well.

12. Moussa Diaby

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Diaby’s RTTF card is arguably one of the most broken and meta cards in FIFA 23. Everyone has been using him until now and his TOTS is equally as awesome. The only argument one can make is that if you have his RTTF card, you might be better off sticking with it.

But as a winger, Diaby is perfect for the metagame. He is quick, crazy-good at dribbling and has some game in his shooting as well. As you charge down the wings, you can either pass or shoot depending on the scenario. He is very versatile in this aspect, making him a must-pick for any Bundesliga all-star team.

13. Jamal Musiala

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Just imagine Thomas Muller but younger, quicker and even smoother. Jamal Musiala is basically all that and maybe more. His dribbling is out of this world and as a CAM, he is perfect. Shooting with him feels pretty great despite his 88 Shooting stat.

5-star skill moves also mean that skill-based players will have a fun time abusing him. Blazing past 3-4 players with Musiala doesn’t seem too far-fetched, so if you are that kind of player, Musiala can benefit you greatly.

14. Christopher Nkunku

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

In FIFA 22, Nkunku can build an entire team with just his cards. That is how cracked he is and despite his real-life injury woes, he still retains his OP-ness in-game. Capable of playing in all central offensive positions, Nkunku is a genuine threat to anyone he is up against.

97 Pace, 97 Dribbling and 5/5 Skill and Weak Foot means this guy is as all-rounded as you can get for an attacker. Adding to the fact that he is French as well, this means this guy can be slotted inside a lot of other teams.

15. Jude Bellingham

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Jude Bellingham has never been this good. There have been promo cards that have boosted Bellingham but not to this extent. In this TOTS batch, he is absurd and having a 9-digit in front of all his stats means he can almost play in any position.

His passing, defending, shooting and dribbling are all top-tier. He is like Kimmich, Musiala and Kolo Muani combined in one. The definition of an all-rounder that can do anything optimally well.

So that’s it! We’ve finally finished our ranking for all the Bundesliga TOTS players. We would like to stress again that this ranking isn’t definite and everyone will have different experiences playing each player. Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy these players as they are all usable!

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