Ranking All La Liga FIFA 23 TOTS

We’ve done EPL and Bundesliga’s TOTS so it is only natural that we’ll be continuing with the ranking of Spanish League’s TOTS.

Similar to the previous rankings, this ranking will be from the worst to the best. Honestly, none of the late-game cards are bad so if you find them viable, they will be good for you. And if you are interested in checking out the previous ranking, you can find our Bundesliga TOTS ranking here!

With that settled, let’s begin the ranking!

1. David Garcia

David Garcia fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

There are just way too many good Spanish defenders for David Garcia to be viable, we’re looking at you FB Sergio Ramos.

Even for a TOTS, David Garcia’s stats aren’t too insane. Sure, they are decent but at the current stage of FIFA 23, you just cannot get away with these stats. Any offensive players like Mbappe and Nkunku will glide and blitz past you with ease.

Still, he is relatively cheap on the market, so if you do need an inexpensive alternative, he could be okay for your squad. Just don’t expect too much.

2. Gabri Veiga

Gabri Veiga fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

To be fair, Veiga’s stats are pretty all right for a midfielder. He has a decent pace and has great dribbling as well. However, he suffers the same fate as David Garcia where there are just so many better Spanish options. For instance, even FUT Fantasy Fabian could do the same work but at a cheaper price.

We would have placed Veiga in a higher spot on the list if he was given a 5-star skill move. A decent pick for budget La Liga/Spanish teams though.

3. Nahuel Molina

Molina fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Actually a really good card but bogged down by the 3-star weak foot and skill moves. He is essentially like Kieran Trippier but maybe a little more agile and swifter.

While he can potentially work in teams, we’re still looking at the ‘free’ FB Jesus Navas you can get from the objectives. That card is potentially better and with an easier-to-link nationality in Spain. As such, we can see many players opting for Navas instead of Molina.

Although if you do get Molina from pack luck, there’s no harm in trying him out. Who knows? He might be a revelation for your team!

4. Ter Stegen

Ter stegen fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

As we’ve mentioned in our previous TOTS rankings, goalkeepers are really hard to rate because their performances are way too volatile. If you win, they’re great and if you don’t, they’re crap.

So, we’ve placed Ter Stegen in a sweet spot of not being too low or too high. His German nationality is pretty awesome for hybrid teams, especially if you are considering how many awesome German promo players and Icons are out there.

5. Alejandro Balde

Balde fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Balde is a really fun card and is extremely viable for a lot of teams, especially since he hails from Spain. As an RB, he has good pace and dribbling, albeit a little lacklustre on the Physical and Passing stats.

His attacking and defensive work rates are High/High so he will be up and down the wing all the time. We really wish we could place Balde higher up the list but TOTS players are just way too good so sadly he’s here. What we’re trying to say is, Balde is a very powerful pick and do not be afraid to test him out against elite teams.

6. Jules Kounde

Jules Kounde fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Could be a really great CB if he was released a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, with so many better alternatives like Moments Varane, this card might not be as valuable.

Sadly, we want to say that Kounde could be a cheap alternative but he still goes for a premium price on the market. As a pure CB, he is very good. He is agile enough to keep up with most attackers, but once you run into a menace like Messi or Mbappe, you might struggle a little with him.

7. Merino

Merino fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Some might be surprised at how Merino made it so far up the list. Well, despite his ‘average’ stats, in-game, Merino is a machine and can run the midfield like a boss.

Of course, he is not as OP as the meta midfielders but he does the job fairly well. He is stable and as a box-to-box midfielder, he can work extremely well if you know what you are doing. Plus, he isn’t that expensive and you can very easily snag him up from the Transfer Market.

8. Federico Valverde

valverde fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Valverde is a powerhouse of a CM with amazing alternate positions, making him super-useful in most teams. The only worrying factor here is his nationality. Uruguay doesn’t have many promo players so building a hybrid team might be a little tricky with him.

Still, if you are building a pure La Liga team, he is almost a must and he can almost out-muscle and out-pace most attackers. His awareness is great and if played properly, he is a true menace on the field.

9. Luka Modric

luka modric fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Honestly, we’re surprised ourselves that Modric is placed rather low on this list. The bottleneck with Modric is his Croatian nationality and his physicality isn’t the best. So, if he were to face meta players like Haaland and Mbappe, you might be in a bit of a pickle.

Having a 4-star skill move is also a bummer. That said, Modric is a pinpoint passer so if you are looking to ping balls, he will almost never miss the target. A top-tier player could be a monster when played with the pro’s hands.

10. Robert Lewandowski

lewandowski fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

As one of the best strikers of his generation, it is sad to say Lewandowski isn’t really a meta player. Sure, he has amazing stats, fitting for a meta player but you just won’t see him being used a lot at higher ranks. It’s a different story if you’re in the lower ranks/division.

Shooting-wise, he is very automatic, it would seem that with everything Lewandowski tries, he will score. The thing he suffers from is getting into position. Too many, he might be a little clunky to use and way less agile compared to meta players. He operates like Haaland but a little worse.

11. Pedri

Pedri fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Pedri is a very elegant player that glides through the field. He is an awesome and almost must-have player for any Spanish/La Liga team. His work rates are both high making him the ideal midfielder for any scenario.

While his Physical stat might not be ideal, his balance and dribbling make up for it. He turns very easily and with seemingly no frames. This means, tricking opponents by changing direction in a split second is very easy with Pedri.

A very fun and optimal card to use.

12. Karim Benzema

Benzema fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Benzema is basically La Liga’s Harry Kane. As a striker, he is very potent in front of goal and even if he is not in a prime position to score, he can pick out a pass like an elite midfielder.

All this points to the fact that Benzema is an all-rounder. In offence, he is the full package. As long as you know how to play FIFA, Benzema will not only be a goal-scoring machine, but a magical creator as well.

He is essentially a complete forward.

13. Vinicius Jr.

vinicius fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

If you are a “skiller”, Vinicius can be borderline broken. He can almost always get out of tight situations, he is essentially Neymar but faster.

With a 5-star weak and skill foot, Vinicius is perfect for taking on the entire team. Combined with absurd dribbling and pace, Vinicius is truly a force of nature. The only thing that might hinder him is his physicality. There’s always a possibility he can be out-muscled but other than that, he is the perfect winger.

14. Antoine Griezmann

griezmann fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

There is just something about that Griezmann which makes him so good in-game. It’s most likely the special animation regarding his body type that makes him so amazing.

Capable of operating in prime attacking positions, Griezmann is very versatile and coming from France, he can very easily be moulded into any top-tier team. He has a truckload of traits that make him a fearsome false 9.

15. Eder Militao

eder militao fifa 23 tots
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

You argue that Eder Militao is the best defender in the game—at least in the TOTS batch. He is so fast, so powerful and so aware, making him the perfect CB.

Despite his slender body, Militao somehow has the strength of Van Dijk and Ramos. Adding to the fact that he has bursts of speed as well, Militao is instantly a meta-player. If you are lucky enough to pack him, make sure to make liberal use of him and cause terror to the enemies’ attackers!

And there we have it! Looks like we’ve finally made it through the La Liga TOTS. Remember, this ranking is purely opinion-based and different players will have different experiences with these players. And if you are looking to play FIFA 23 for the first time, be sure to get it using our Steam Wallet Codes here!