Ranking All Ligue 1 FIFA 23 TOTS

The Team of the Season batch of players from Ligue 1 is arguably the most anticipated one of all the leagues. Boasting some of the most insane players, ranking this list is actually pretty difficult. Nevertheless, we’ll do it for you, just like how we did it for the La Liga ranking here!

This ranking will be from worst to best and only the main ones will be included; we will exclude players from the community choice and from SBC challenges. Also, do take this ranking with a grain of salt as it is purely an opinion piece.

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Now that we’ve got that settled, let us begin!

1. Benjamin André

TOTS Benjamin Andre
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

At this stage of the game, Andre’s stats aren’t going to cut it. They are mediocre at best and nothing too special.

Fortunately, he does have the France nationality so that can help a lot if you are looking to build a cheap hybrid squad. That said, do not expect anything insane from him. He is all right in the physical department but his lack of pace and dribbling will become an issue at higher ranks.

He is very cheap in the transfer market so he might be fine for newer accounts starting late in FIFA 23.

2. Brice Samba

TOTS Brice Samba
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

We stand by what we’ve said in the previous rankings, goalkeepers are just way too hard to judge due to their volatility. Still, with so many Icon SBCs for goalkeepers that are so easy to finish, Samba might not start for top-elite squads.

Like Andre, he is very affordable in the transfer market. He is easily obtainable and if you are lacking a French goalie for some reason, he is still a viable pickup. Though, we would expect you’ll be replacing him soon enough.

3. Remy Cabella

TOTS Cabella
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

With that dynamic image, we really want to rank Cabella higher. Sadly, his stats really cannot justify doing that.

His attacking stats are all pretty decent but his low defensive work rate could be a little annoying during tough matches where you want your midfielders to go back and forth. 4/4 Weak and Skill Foot rating isn’t exactly desirable as well so we can see why many would opt for better CAMs, especially since there are so many better options at this stage of the game.

4. Jean-Clair Todibo

TOTS Todibo
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Todibo is actually a really good card, it’s a shame though since Ligue 1 boasts so many insane defenders like FB Ramos and Centurions Kimpembe.

As such, Tobido will find it hard to make it to anyone’s main squad at the moment. French defenders are aplenty and all of them can do what Todibo does and usually better. Even so, Todibo isn’t a bad player. He is again, very affordable and getting him below 30K coins is realistic.

5. Jonathan Clauss

TOTS Clauss
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Clauss is another really good card but the fact that his Winter Wildcard is essentially the same, there’s no reason to swap him with this TOTS version.

Stats-wise, Clauss is all right and does have optimal stats for an offensive fullback. Adding to the fact that he is from France, you probably will see Clauss in various hybrid teams, given his cheap price. His work rates are also High/High so as a budget option, Clauss is actually decently viable for players who are short of gold.

6. Seko Fofana

TOTS Seko Fofana
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

A great card but his position is overshadowed by way too many better players. As a defensive midfielder, there are just better options like Guendouzi and Vieira. Still, his pace is decently good and if you don’t have any other better alternatives, Fofana could work for you.

In the physical apartment, he excels but if you are looking for a midfielder who can dribble and glide past defenders, Fofana might struggle to do those things efficiently enough.

7. Facundo Medina

TOTS Medina
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

If it wasn’t for Ligue 1, we can make a case for putting Medina higher on the list. However, he faces the same issue as Todibo where there are just way too many great Ligue 1 defenders.

Plus, his Argentina nationality doesn’t help with chemistry so fitting him into a hybrid squad can prove to be a little difficult. Sure, his 90 dribbling and 93 Physical are great stats to have but they might be ruined by him just having an average body type. He is cheap on the transfer market so it would not put a dent in your wallet if you decide to build a full-Argentine squad.

8. Jonathan David

Jonathan David
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

It’s kind of a bummer that David does not have a 99-pace rating at this stage. Even so, he is actually very usable due to his 5-star weak foot which makes him really lethal in the six-yard box. He is an agile player with a good mix of balance and dribbling, making him a solid super-sub during the latter stages of a match.

The main problem is again his nationality. Coming from Canada, it will be harder to link him with other nationalities. That is a downside if you are straying away from other Ligue 1 players.

9. Alexandre Lacazette

TOTS Lacazette
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

An insanely good card and a popular nation in France. Lacazette is your textbook meta-striker that will make all things seem automatic.

The only reason we see to downplay this card is that he has a couple of promo cards already so that might devalue him a little. For instance, his Centurion card is still very good and is a cheaper alternative—his TOTS version is still super expensive on the market.

That said, if you are lucky enough to pack Lacazette, you are in for a good time because this card can easily terrorise defenders, especially in the lower ranks.

10. Nuno Mendes

TOTS Nuno Mendes
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

As an offensive fullback, Nuno Mendes is up there with the very best. Boasting a whopping 99-pace and 92-dribbling stats, he is a beast on the flanks. He thrives on assisting your Wingers/Strikers during offensive plays, fuelled by his High attacking work rate.

Defensively, he might not be as solid but since CBs have been buffed to oblivion when it comes to speed, they can cover Mendes when he is on the attack. An amazing and must-have for any elite Ligue 1 squad.

11. Marco Verratti

TOTS Verratti
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

With 90-pace and 99-dribbling, it is actually almost impossible to put Verratti lower. Having a small stature and good balance means he is a wizard on the ball. As such, you can expect Verratti to ping passes accurately in tight spaces and one-two plays with him are exceptional.

Despite his mediocre Physical stat, Verratti actually has 99-aggression. This means he will try extremely hard to win the ball back and that is always a great trait to have in a midfielder. Surprisingly, he is rather affordable in the market so snagging him up may not be too hard of a job.

12. Wissam Ben Yedder

TOTS Ben Yedder
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Long-time FIFA players will know that Ben Yedder’s stats are liars. This is because he seems to perform way better than his stats and when using him, it’ll seem that everything falls into place.

Many players have even complained about the difficulty of dealing with him. He seems to just slide past defenders, even if you were to put in a perfect tackle on him. His 5-star weak foot also complements this really well so you will also see him score from some ridiculous angles.

A very meta card and you’ll probably see him a lot in Weekend League matches.

13. Marquinhos

TOTS Marquinhos
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Marquinhos is another absurd defender that would probably look so glitchy because he can somehow teleport in front of your attackers with his pace.

Like with Ben Yedder, Marquinhos performs way above his stats. We don’t know what is the secret behind this sorcery but he seems to have a defensive demon AI supporting him. He is extremely hard to deal with and you’ll see him a lot at the highest level.

14. Lionel Messi

TOTS Lionel Messi
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Yes, you can play this TOTS version of Messi at a striker position. That is super scary especially if he is under the hands of someone who knows how to dribble, inside out.

His finesse shots are also very automatic. Every time he attempts, it seems that the ball is auto-aimed at the top or bottom corners of the net. He is very abusable and the only saving grace from defenders is that he isn’t really that physically strong.

Even so, his balance is top-notch, so even if you were to unbalance him, he’ll get back to his feet in an instant. Stopping him will be a team effort so good luck if you were to encounter him in your online matches.

15. Kylian Mbappe

TOTS Mbappe
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Arguably the best player in the game; you know this is true when even his gold card is used today. Famously known as Glitchbappe online, Mbappe has a unique animation that allows him to ignore defenders and many loose balls will be stuck at his feet.

Not to mention his absurd pace and speed which he uses to gobble over-the-top passes with ease. He also has both the Speed and Technical dribbling traits so he is essentially a complete attacker. Luckily, he is extremely rare as he is insanely expensive on the market. Still, at peak level, you’ll see elite teams fielding this monster a lot.

Looks like we’ve finally made it to the bottom of our list! Remember, these players’ capabilities are all down to their users’ abilities. If you’re good, any of these TOTS players will serve you well. And if you wish to shop for other video game products, be sure to visit our OffGamers’ official store with the SHOP NOW button below!