Ranking All One Piece Odyssey Characters

Fans of One Piece rejoice! Odyssey is finally here. Take charge of the Straw Hat pirates crew in this new anime video game drop, where you’ll seek treasure and solve mysteries. 

You can grab this game on Steam (don’t forget to use your Steam Wallet Code from OffGamers), but before you dive in, take a moment to get to know the cast of characters.

In this guide, we’ll be ranking all of the One Piece Odyssey characters from weakest to strongest. Get to know their abilities, types and more, so you can start planning for combat before you even get started. 

Plus, we’ll share some helpful tips for new players to master combat and gameplay.


Ranking All One Piece Odyssey Characters

9. Tony-Tony Chopper

Tony-Tony Chopper is the Straw Hats’ Doctor and a human-like reindeer. Because he ate the Human-Human fruit, Chopper can switch between bipedal and quadrupedal forms.

Chopper is a healer by nature, but he’s really only useful early in the game. His stats are weak, and his usability is poor. His only field skill is being able to destroy objects, which is something other characters can do. 

We don’t recommend using Tony-Tony Chopper in combat, but if you’re just getting started with the game, you may find his healing abilities useful. 


8. “Soul King” Brook

There’s a lot to love about Brook. He’s the Straw Hats’ musician, and he oozes psychedelic style. Brook also ate the Revive-Revive fruit, so his soul transcends death – which explains his skeletal body. 

He uses music and his summoning of the cold hand of death to take down enemies.

The only problem with Brook is that you can’t obtain him until really late in the game. At this point, you likely have a dedicated team that you’re comfortable with. 

Brook’s performance is underwhelming. He has potential, but many players find that he’s just not worth the investment.


7. Sanji

Despite his traumatic past, Sanji soldiers on and find a new family with the Straw Hat pirates. His speciality is martial arts – with a fiery kick. Oh, and he’s great at preparing meals for the crew. 

Sanji can burn enemies and land powerful blows to the head. He’s also great at finding ingredients. 

But overall, Sanji is weak against many common attacks, including lightning, freeze, confusion and charm. 


6. Franky

Of all the One Piece Odyssey characters, Franky is one of the most useful. He’s great in and out of combat. 

Franky is considered a Speed-type character. He has great resistance, and he’s mastered short-range combat. He’s not the absolute best in combat, but he can be very useful for other things.

Out in the field, Franky’s skills allow you to build things, like stairs and bridges in mid-air. As you can imagine, these skills make it much easier to progress through the map and terrain.


5. Usopp

Usopp is fun to play but difficult to master. Like Franky, Usopp is a Speed-type character. One big issue with this character is that he’s weak against seven types of moves. Mastering this character will take some time, and some players may not feel like it’s worth the investment.

That said, Usopp does have a really useful field skill that lets him make trick balls in combat. Many of his moves are long-range, so he’s a great counter to short-range characters. 

Another benefit of Usopp is that he’s available as soon as you start the game.


4. Nami

Nami has a knack for thievery and navigation, which makes her a great pirate. Her knowledge of meteorology helps on the battlefield, where she can use her Clima-Tact weapon to change local weather patterns. Clima-tact can help Nami create mirages, lightning strikes and more.

Nami is a heavy hitter with a talent for punishing Power enemies. She’s also useful for spotting treasures. 


3. Nico Robin

Nico Robin is one of the game’s main protagonists and will be with you right from the very start. She’s a Technique-type character and a skilled archaeologist with Flower-Flower Fruit abilities.

Her combat skills are impressive, allowing her to summon body parts and limbs on nearby surfaces. In addition, she can kick and launch attacks. She’s also strong against charm, burn and confuse attacks – all of which are really common.

But her field skill is also super useful because she can read Poneglyphs. These mysterious stone tablets contain the truth of the world, but they’re written in a dead language that, fortunately, Nico can read.


2. Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is a worthwhile investment because of his versatility and dependability in combat. He’s a Technique-style character with resistance against lightning and faint, which makes him great for many matchups. 

He’s weak against confusion and freeze, but his strengths give him an edge in most fights.

Zoro’s field skills are also useful. For example, he can break down obstacles (including steel doors) and extend his arm to move long distances.

You’ll unlock Zoro when you save Nami. 


1. Monkey D. Luffy

Not surprisingly, Monkey D. Luffy tops our list of One Piece Odyssey characters. Luffy has ambitions to become the King of Pirates, and his strong morals make him a great leader.

Because Luffy ate the Gum-Gum Fruit, he can use his rubber-like body to perform superhuman martial arts moves.

His stretchiness also comes in handy when you’re out exploring. He can travel long distances and reach far-off items. He can also use his Observation Haki ability to scan his surroundings.

Luffy is a Power-type character with resistance to some of the most common status effects. He’s a great counter to Technique-type characters, but he’s weak against confusion and sleeping moves.

Because he’s the main protagonist, Luffy will be with you from the start and will always be on your team.


10 Tips for Mastering One Piece Odyssey

Now that you know more about the characters in One Piece Odyssey, let’s look at some tips to master your gameplay. 


1. Stick to the Main Story Until Chapter 4

One Piece Odyssey has some open-world zones where you can venture off and explore. It’s tempting to get out there and start doing some side quests, but you may want to postpone your adventures until chapter 4.

Initially, you may not have all of the skills you need to move past obstacles and reap the full rewards of exploration. 

By the time you reach chapter 4, you should be equipped with all of the skills and tools you need to really take full advantage of the open-world experience.


2. Don’t Ignore Your Crew

When you’re out exploring the world, pay attention to your crew’s conversations. More often than not, they’ll give you hints about which paths to take or where to find hidden things. Sanji may point out spots to gather cooking ingredients, and Nami may tell you where to find hidden treasure.

The bottom line? When your crew speaks, listen. 


3. Avoid Burnout with Auto Battle and Speed Up

Once the initial excitement of combat wears off, fights can become trivial and tedious. One way to avoid burnout and the monotony of inevitable grind is to use the speed-up and auto-battle options.

You can enable auto battle through the Tactics Menu, but keep in mind that it will stay on until you manually turn it off – even if you’re facing a boss. 


4. Boost Your XP with Dramatic Scenes

Dramatic scenes are optional or bonus objectives that you can do in combat. They usually differ from one fight to the next, but they almost always give you a major XP boost. 

The goal may be to beat the enemy using a certain character, or the fight may be more challenging because the enemy is buffed. 

Try to go for Dramatic Scenes whenever possible to maximize your XP. 


5. Learn the Enemy Types and Counters

Each member of your pirate crew and the enemies you encounter will have coordinating alignments. Nico, for example, is a Technique-type, while Luffy is a Power-type.

Character or enemy types are like the weapon wheel system in the Fire Emblem series. 

  • Power bests Speed
  • Speed bests Technique
  • Technique bests Power

In combat, you can switch characters in and out to counter your enemies. For example, if you’re facing a speed-type enemy, you can bring in a technique-type character (like Nico) to get an upper hand.

Learn the enemy types and how to counter them so that fights go smoothly and favourably.


6. In Boss Fights, Take Out Minions First 

Boss fights are some of the most fun and memorable fights in One Piece Odyssey. But like with other RPGs, bosses often have little minions that can weaken your team if you don’t take them out.

Focus on the weaker enemies first, and then direct all of your firepowers to the boss. Plus, if you ignore these minions, your enemy will have more turns to do damage – something you should avoid if you want a quick fight.

Boost and utilize area attacks just before a boss fight so that you’re prepared for whatever may come.


7. Take Full Advantage of Camps

Along your journey in One Piece Odyssey, you’ll come across Camps. These are spots where you and your crew can recharge, cook meals (healing items), change outfits or craft Trick Balls.

Camps are incredibly useful, and you won’t come across them as often as save points. Take full advantage of these opportunities to stock up and get ready for the next leg of your journey.

Camps are also a gentle reminder that it may be time to take a break from gameplay, so you can use these opportunities to recharge yourself. 


8. Don’t Forget to Clear Objectives

In One Piece Odyssey, the main story and side missions have objectives that need to be completed. You can find them listed on the Objectives tab in the Pause menu. 

When you complete objectives, you get rewards – but they’re not given automatically. You’ll have to claim them manually through the Pause menu. You’ll see a “Reward Available” tag on completed objectives. 

If you fall behind and forget to claim some of your rewards, don’t worry. Just hit the triangle or Y button to turn all objectives in at once and claim all of your rewards. This is a helpful tip that will save you time if you’ve forgotten to turn in your objectives. 


9. Use Accessories

Throughout the game, you’ll gather accessories that you can use to boost your crew. Use them! It’s easy to brush them off, but accessories can really make a difference in battle. 

Accessories can boost attack or defence, while others can buff resistances to help offset character weaknesses. 

In this game, accessories come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can only be slotted into matching squares on the equipment grid. You’ll start with 16 squares and eventually, as you progress, the number of squares will increase to 25. 

Some of the best accessories include:

  • Wild One’s Crown: +1400 ATK; found in the locked chest in Dressrosa.
  • Sabo’s Hat: +1154 ATK; drops from Burgess.
  • Doeisa’s Necklace: +2200 HP; purchased from the Yoisa Shop.
  • Yoisa Commerce Bureau’s Exclusive Ring: +750 DEF; purchased from the Yoisa Shop in the Great Sandy Desert.
  • Hakuba’s Power: +1075 ATK; dropped by Hakuba.


These are just a few of the many accessories you can find in One Piece Odyssey, so make sure that you use them to gain an edge in battle.


10. Be Strategic About Crew Placement

Some bosses have punishing moves that will hit everyone in the area. In these cases, it’s important to be strategic about your crew’s placement. Keep a few party members who are strong against the boss’s attacks in the “danger zone,” and keep crew members with long-range attacks or support moves further away. 

That’s all for our One Piece Odyssey characters guide. Be sure to follow our tips to master gameplay and watch players on Twitch and YouTube to get more tips and walkthroughs.

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