Ranking All Premier League FIFA 23 TOTS

FIFA is nearing its end and this means promo cards will be going crazy and Team of the Season (TOTS) are here! Today, we will be doing you a favour by ranking the English Premier League’s Team of the Season FIFA 23 cards from the worst to the best.

Also, this list will only include the official team, so Moments, SBC and Objective cards will be excluded from the list. Also, if you are thinking of building a team from scratch (better late than never), be sure to check out our FIFA 23 formations guide to help you out!

With that done, let’s begin!

1. Oleksandr Zinchenko

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Starting off this list is Arsenal’s very own Zinchenko. A great player but unfortunately, him being a Ukrainian might hamper players who are making a mixed team.

Plus, having only 3-star skill moves can be damaging for players who like to use skills a lot. And his physical stat isn’t the greatest and any meta wingers that he is up against can quite easily shove him off the ball.

Still, if you are building a pure Arsenal team, he could work. He is a cheap alternative to many other LBs out there and his Acceleration can come in clutch if you are the run-down-the-line kind of player.

2. Aaron Ramsdale

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Goalkeepers are usually hard to judge. They are way too volatile in their performance, but having a technically free Ederson earlier, and getting Ramsdale seems pointless.

Then again, Ramsdale is English so there are a lot of players you can build around him with. That said, there’s nothing really too crazy about Ramsdale, he has decent height but his 80 Reaction stat might haunt him during clutch moments.

All in all, he is very cheap in the market and if you are only starting your FIFA journey, he might be a solid pick if you are adamant about having a TOTS in your team.

3. Kieran Trippier

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

He is almost a carbon copy of Zinchenko, but luckily, he has the England nationality so he gets a little boost up the list. He is decently quick and rather physical as well so he will do quite well when it comes to muscling away someone.

One of his other problems is probably his 87 dribbling which at this stage is pretty mediocre. So this can hurt his alternative position of being an RM. As such, we would argue that he is still better being played as a full-back and you can afford to go aggressive with him since he is so good at crossing.

4. Bruno Guimaraes

Bruno Guimeras
Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

We love the fact that Bruno both High/High for his attacking and defensive rates. This means you’ll see him moving up and down constantly and that’s great. The dealbreaker though is his 3-star skill moves and weak foot.

Adding to the fact that he is not exactly the quickest midfielder and having him chase down speedsters can be an issue. He isn’t automatic so you will have to do some manual work with him. So, if you are a really good player, he can work and him being a Brazilian means there’s a ton of players you can play around with him.

5. Martin Odegaard

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

It’s kind of a shame that they only gave Odegaard a 92 rating for the season he has had. That said, his card is pretty decent and despite having just average stats for a TOTS his AI is pretty good.

Having 5-star skill moves also help a lot. Combined with some good dribbling and passing, Odegaard can be pretty lethal. But do note that he will suffer against super physical CBs and CDMs like Flashback Sergio Ramos and FUT Birthday Icon Paolo Maldini. Still a very usable card by all means.

6. Casemiro

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Like with every other FIFA, Casemiro is super automatic. What we are trying to say is that AI is crazy. His defensive awareness is crazy and can sometimes make some unbelievable interceptions.

Sure, some might find him a little sluggish as he is the bulky kind of CDM. However, those who favour a more positional FIFA gameplay can make the best out of him. He is very powerful and in a 1-1 muscle challenge, he will most likely come out on top.

7. Gabriel Martinelli

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Oh my, 98 Pace with 99 Acceleration for a winger spells top-tier usually. And to top it off, Martinelli has a great nationality in Brazil so you will be seeing him often in many teams. The only thing worrying is his Passing and Shooting but once he is in the clear, he is still a goal-scoring threat.

His work rates are also both High which is great. Not having 5-star skill moves might be a slight bummer but is manageable. Overall a very solid choice for a lot of teams.

8. Bukayo Saka

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

He might not be as fast as Martinelli but his 5-star weak foot makes him a danger in almost anywhere inside the penalty box. His statute is small but his above-average Agility and 82 Physical stats will make him a mini-Messi.

In a way, he is almost like his Arsenal compatriot Martinelli but is more clinical. Ideally, you can have one creating the goals while the other finishes them.

9. Mohamed Salah

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Honestly, we would rank Salah way higher if it is not for his depressing 3-star weak foot. Then again, this is Salah we’re talking about and his AI works perfectly most of the time and when timed correctly, his finishing is lethal.

To go with that, his dribbling is arguably the best among the Premier League TOTS. He feels buttery smooth and has so many variations to his attacking side in Chip Shots, Finesse Shots and Outside Foot Shots making him an attacking beast altogether.

10. William Saliba

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

If Varane is in the official TOTS, he will be higher than Saliba but as a CB, Saliba is pretty solid. It also helps that Saliba is French which means you can slot him inside a lot of teams. His in-game movement is decent and all in all, he is very all-rounded

Really, there’s nothing we can say about Saliba. He might not be the quickest or the strongest but he does the job very well. He is a stable pick and a cheaper alternative to the Manchester City’s CBs

11. Ruben Dias

Ruben Dias
Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Ruben Dias is crazy good. Imagine Salbia but almost better in every aspect. Dias is super physical and combined with his blistering pace, he is a menace in defence.

Getting past him is pretty difficult and having strong links to his friend Laporte which can be obtained from an SBC means you’ll have an ideal CB pairing. That said, while Laporte might be accessible, getting Dias from the market is pretty hefty in price. So, hopefully, luck is on your side and you’ll be able to pack him soon!

12. Kevin De Bruyne

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

KDB is an insane pinpoint passer. Any passes that he tries, he will succeed in pulling it off. It is suffice to say that he is the perfect midfielder and his market price truly justifies that.

Not only is he a valuable asset in offence, his defensive capabilities are not half bad. Boasting an 85 Defensive stat means that he can rob someone of a ball quite efficiently. Taking into consideration that he is a CAM/CM rather than a CDM makes it all the more impressive.

13. Harry Kane

Harry Kane
Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

To a lot of FIFA players, having 90 Pace as a striker at this stage of the game can be a letdown. While there is some truth to that, Kane works a little differently.

Having some of the best Passing stat as a number 9, his playmaking ability is up there with the best CMs and CAMs which makes him an option to be a really good hold-up striker. Shooting-wise, Harry Kane is truly a master finisher. He bags in goals extremely consistently and rarely does he choke when it goalscoring chance is presented to him.

14. Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland
Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

Well, Haaland is the top scorer in the EPL this season so it is only natural that his FIFA card reflects that. And yes, he is a beast in-game, his body animation is very good and no matter how physical your defender is, there is always a chance that Haaland is going to burst through them.

Having a 5-star weak foot for a player that is constantly looking to shoot is crazy. Merged with his absurd shooting capabilities, Haaland is almost like an aimbot. As a front striker, a classic number 9, he is perfect.

15. Marcus Rashford

Photo Credits: Electronic Arts

If you look at the numbers, Rashford is insane. Possessing godlike speed with a 99 Pace stat and 95 Dribbling and Shooting to boot is unreal. For his alternative positions, Rashford can even play as an ST so good luck to the defenders that are going up against him.

Right now, he is the most expensive EPL TOTS in the market. His stats justify this and this is arguably what you want in an attacker that fits the metagame. Quick, agile, skilful and decently physical. Trust us, you will be seeing this card in a lot of Weekend Leagues with high-tier players abusing him.

Yay! We’re finally done! Do note that the rankings aren’t anything official and are purely opinion-based. All that matters is the person holding the controller so, it is down to you whether you can use these cards well or not! Also if you are still looking to purchase this game, now is not too late to get it for the Xbox using our Xbox Gift Card here!

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