Ranking All Serie A FIFA 23 TOTS

It’s time for the final round of our rankings of the FIFA 23 TOTS of the top four leagues! After ranking the Ligue 1 TOTS here, we will now be covering the Seria A’s TOTS. Again, the ranking is opinion-based so remember to have fun and take it with a grain of salt.

We also like to remind our readers that this ranking will only include the main TOTS, so there won’t be players from Moments and the Community votes. Now that we’ve got that cleared, starting from the worst to the best, let’s begin!

1. Strefezza

TOTS Strefezza
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Sadly, at this stage of the game, you’ll probably not see Strefezza used a lot. His 98 Pace is pretty nice but overall, he is a very mediocre card.

Right now, there are just way too many better RWs in the game so he might not see any play at all. Although, he does have a nice nationality in Brazil so players who want to run a budget squad might pick him up. That said, he nothing too spectacular and he will be eventually replaced.

2. Wojciech Szczesny

TOTS Szczesny
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

A great player but GKs are just way too hard to judge given their volatile performances. Still, GKs are widely available this year, especially for Icons so it is not hard to replace Szczesny.

Still, if you are a Juventus fan and want to be a purist, Szczesny is good. He is a stable pick and honestly, anyone with a great defense will do well with him. He is decently tall and that seems to be the meta for GKs so you can expect to see him even in higher-ranked matches.

3. Di Lorenzo

TOTS Di Lorenzo
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Again, great player but you have just way too many better alternatives at this point. However, that doesn’t make him unusable. The major downside for him is his work rates. At Med/Med, you might not see him be as active down the wings and at a higher level that could be a problem.

All in all, he is a harder character to use because he is not that automatic. Players that want to use him well would probably need to put in some manual work. He is a stable player but is outclassed and overshadowed by many better players.

4. Tonali

TOTS Tonali
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Last year in FIFA 22, Tonali was a menace. He could tank and outmuscle everybody and we almost always see him in any top team alongside Chiellini. Unfortunately, his power level seems to have dropped a little and there are other CDMs that are much better.

That said, his stats might look a little weak but when it comes to animation and off-the-ball movements, Tonali has a bit of magic going on with him. This makes him a very reliable holding midfielder but you’d most likely replace him when the promo hits.

5. Lautaro Martinez

TOTS L Martinez
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Not exactly the quickest striker and having a 4-star Weak and Skill Foot makes him less desirable than other attackers. At this stage, those stats are just not enough.

Lautaro also has a small body stature which you might be able to abuse on slower defenders but honestly, slow defenders are a myth in high-rank matches. Although, we have seen good players utilising Martinez efficiently as a false 9. It is not ideal but certainly workable.

6. Nicolo Barella

TOTS Barella
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Barella is like the offensive version of Tonali. He is quick and has good balance but lacks speed and acceleration. As such, this makes him a great player to steady the midfield and not ideal for counterattacks. The problem is, that this game thrives on counterattacking gameplay.

However, if you do enjoy the tiki-taka-esque style of strategy, Barella can work for you. His short passing is very good and if need be, he can take on defenders with his dribbling. The only issue is pace and physicality. If you were to bump into meta CDMs like Vieira, you would be in trouble.

Nevertheless, a very fun and underrated card to use!

7. Adrien Rabiot

TOTS Rabiot
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Possibly the TOTS midfielder for the Serie A. Rabiot stats truly doesn’t do him justice because he feels so reactive that he can react to any quick dribbles, making him great to defend against counterattacks.

A core issue while using Rabiot is again probably the lack of pace. Even so, he is still very reliable when it comes to intercepting enemy key passes. What we recommend is slapping a Shadow upgrade on him to improve his overall speed. That way, he’ll be a machine in the midfield.

8. Bremer

TOTS Bremer
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

The Italian league is known for its exceptional defenders and Bremer is up there with the elites. But to be honest, he might not be as good as the Icons but for his price, we can’t really complain.

Bremer is also from Brazil—arguably the best nation in FIFA—which gives him a lot of chemistry with other top-tier players in the game. Essentially, he may seem to be a super-budgeted defender at this stage but he does his job effectively. Severely underrated and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him making it super late into the game.

9. Chris Smalling

TOTS Smalling
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Smalling used to be known as “Smaldini” due to its unique animation that lets him defend like the legendary Paolo Maldini. Even today, Smalling is very powerful at the heart of the defence and we do see him lasting until the latter stages of FUT.

He is like Bremer but stronger physically. Plus, he is from England so he will have many links to English players if you want to run a hybrid squad. A valuable defender and certainly one worth investing in.

10. Paolo Dybala

TOTS Dybala
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

A very versatile card that can play in a lot of offensive positions. He has a lot of traits as well which makes him a genuine threat up front. It’s a bummer though because all of these are limited to his 4-star Weak and Skill foot.

Other than that, Dybala is exceptional as a playmaker. He is like the Italian league Griezmann. He is quick and his 99 Dribbling will be valued a lot by skill-based players. Though, it has to be said that his Physical stat is lacklustre so expect him to get bodied by strong CBs and CDMs.

11. Theo Hernandez

TOTS Theo Hernandez
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Theo Hernandez has always been in the meta and he will remain there. One thing to note is there are a lot of promo cards for Theo so you are spoilt for choices.

As an offensive fullback, he is nigh unstoppable, especially if you combine with skills and efficient dribbling. There’s really nothing much to say about Theo other than he is an absolute beast. He doesn’t really lose the ball even when perfectly tackled; he is just that player that everything works for him.

12. Kvaratskhelia

TOTS Kvaratskhelia
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

The standout player of Serie A is also pretty good in FIFA 23. Having both 5-star Weak and Skill foot will turn him into a monster, not to mention that he also has 98 Pace. From the wings, he will cause some untold havoc, creating plays out of thin air.

Add either a Viper or Marksman upgrade to him and you’ll turn him into a deadly goalscorer. He might not be able to operate at the ST position but having him on CAM or LW is good enough to tremble defences. He is definitely late-game material and a lot of elite players will use him in their Serie A team.

13. Osimhen

TOTS Osimhen
Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Another excellent player from Serie A who is also just as amazing in-game. Osimhen is ultra-fast with the 99 Pace stat. With a 5-star Weak foot, he’ll be leaving defenders in his wake while banging in goals from all over the place.

He is also very tall which makes him a threat during set pieces. If you can player-lock him correctly as you cross a high ball, he will gobble up the chance with a power header. This makes him multi-faceted in attack, be it long or short passes.

14. Rafael Leao

Photo Credits: EA Entertainment

Leao is easily one of the best players in the game. His dribbling is up there with the likes of Messi and even Icon Ronaldinho. A testament to his dribbling proficiency is his 5-star Skill foot and having both of the dribbling traits.

And if that isn’t enough, Leao also has 99 Pace so good luck to defenders who are going up against him. In a skilled player’s hands, this guy can single-handedly tear down defences with ease. His shooting is also excellent—he is basically a better Kvaratskhelia with better nationality.

Looks like we’ve finally completed all the rankings of this year’s TOTS for the top four leagues in FIFA 23. And if you want to purchase the game for yourself, you can do so with our PlayStation Store Gift Cards here!

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