Ranking System And Leaderboard Will Be Added To PUBG Soon

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be receiving a ranking system with the upcoming Update #22. The ranking system is now available on the Test Servers and it might be released in October.


In order to get ranked or earn the first rank, players are required to play ten provisional matches. There will be eight ranks in total which are given based on Rank Points. The Ranking system for PUBG as follows:



The new update also include map selection, where players are able to pick their desired map to play on, along with the new Skin Trade Up System which allows players to trade multiple same-tier items and BP in exchange for better tier skin item.


Additionally, the next update will improve the wheel menus, mini-map magnification, and also the Friend UI. The developers are also providing bug fixes on issues related to character movement, glitches, animation and more. The full list of Update #22 is available here.