Razer Gold (MY) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Moonton (MY)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes, rejoice!

From now till December 10, 2019, stand to score coveted Razer gear, supreme in-game skins, Bonus Razer Gold and Silver when you recharge Diamonds with Razer Gold!

With every MYR50 Diamonds recharged, unlock prizes from the Mythical Gold Chest below. Bonus Diamonds on RM50 and RM300 denominations. Mythical Gold Chest prizes for any purchase worth RM50 minimum.

Get bonus diamonds when you purchase RM50 or RM300 denominations:

RM50 = 708 Diamonds + 35 Bonus Diamonds
RM300 = 4464 Diamonds + 260 Bonus Diamonds

How to unlock Mythical Gold Chest and stand to score additional prizes:

1. Recharge MLBB Diamonds (at least RM50 worth) in a single transaction.
2. Copy Transaction ID from purchase receipt – within 12 hours.
3. Revisit the promotion page and click on UNLOCK PRIZES or scroll to the bottom.
4. Paste the Transaction ID and key in your email address.
5. Click UNLOCK NOW. Drag the correct item to the chest to unlock it.
6. You will be notified instantly when you’ve won a prize!


Join your friends in a brand new 5v5 MOBA showdown against real human opponents, Mobile Legends! Starlight Member purchase available after Razer account login!


Razer Gold



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