Razer Gold: OffGamers Exclusive September Promotion

Mechanics: RM2 rebate – Razer Gold wallet recharge for ROX, PUBG M, MLBB

Details: Purchase Razer Gold pin at OffGamers and recharge to ROX, PUBG M, MLBB by using Razer Gold wallet

Games Title: ROX, PUBG M, MLBB

Minimum Purchase/Recharge: RM30 and above

Promo code: offgamers2

Promotion Period: 24 Sep 2021 to 8 Oct 2021 (while stocks last)

Capping per user/account: RM2 (1 user 1 time per day)

Credit expiry (months): Code expiry date is 24 Oct 2021


Promo Code Redeem Guide (ROX as an example):

1. Go to gold.razer.com to top up the purchased Razer Gold code into your wallet

2. Browse Ragnarok X and tap on ‘Recharge Now’ and user login to the ROX account

3. Choose ‘Razer Gold’ and the denomination and tap on ‘submit’ (min RM30)

4. Input the “promo code” and proceed to check out





Razer Gold (MY)


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