Recharge RF Online, Simple & Easy!

RF Online is a free-to-play, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. RF Online is set in a distant planet in the NOVUS galaxy where magic exists alongside cutting-edge technology. Unlike most MMORPGs, RF Online emphasizes a three-way Race vs Race vs Race PvP concept, which pioneered the concept of massive, perpetual combat seen in many popular MMORPGs today.

Recharge RF Online, Simple & Easy:

1. Login to PlayMall website.

2. Check if you have to change your currency to USD – if yes, click on TOP-UP

If not, click on “Setting Icon” to change your currency to USD.

3. Now, click on TOP-UP and select Multi Game Card.

4. Click on Top Up after you have the key in Multi Game Card Serial & Pin

5. You have successfully top-up to PlayMall with MGC.

If the Multi Game Card (MGC) product you want to buy does not have the value or denominations that you want, now you can combine the cards into the value that you want!

For example: if you want to buy a 160USD Multi Game Card, you can buy a 100USD and a 60USD Multi Game Card, and then combine them together at to form a 160USD Multi Game Card and then recharge again.

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Multi Game Card (Global)



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