Red Dead Online New Beta Update Introduces Daily Challenges

Rockstar Games has announced a first huge patch update for Red Dead Online. The update includes a brand new gameplay options to pick from, additional weapons, clothing, game balancing and improvements towards the overall experience.

Players could start downloading the patch now to access the latest content. Added in the latest patch is the new daily challenges which will reward players with XP and gold nuggets. New challenges will be available daily, giving players an opportunity to be rewarded for various tasks. A new event called Fool’s Gold will start next week, where players will battle against rival teams to acquire a powerful and protective suit of Golden Armor. Horseback races and fishing challenges will also be introduced in the upcoming update.

In addition to the new game modes, Red Dead Online beta is also getting more accessories and firearms like a rare shotgun and a high capacity rifle. In terms of cosmetics, players will have lots of choices with a new selection of outfits, boots, dresses, and more. For gameplay alterations, Rockstar Games has reduced the player radar and visibility to protect players from griefers. Players who have a reputation for killing often will be shown on the map with a darker marker. Last but not least, Rockstar Games has amended the law and bounty system to punish players with a high bounty.