Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses Ranked from Easiest to Hardest

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Photo Credits: Capcom

Resident Evil 4 remake bosses thrust gamers back into one of the most iconic survival horror games ever made. Capcom’s commitment to the original game creates a nostalgic feel for players who remember sitting on the edge of their seats when playing the original.

The RE4 remake maintains the game’s original vision while sprinkling in:

  • Modern controls
  • Superb, crisp graphics
  • Stunning audio

Challenging and memorable are two words that come to mind when facing Resident Evil 4 remake bosses.

In this complete guide, we’re going to discuss each of the bosses in the game, rank them in order of difficulty and explain the best way to beat each one.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses Ranked from Easiest to Hardest

11. Bitores Mendez:

RE4 Remake Bitores Mendez
Photo Credits: Capcom

Bitores Mendez is the first boss you’ll come across, and he’s an easy kill in his normal form. You’ll notice from the start that something is off with this boss because he has a seriously long spine.

His legs look like a spider, and as you battle him, you’ll notice he begins to mutate even more.

Looking at him for the first time, what comes to mind when killing this boss? He has a bunch of parasites on his back that is causing his mutations. You’ll want to:

  • Climb the ladder to the second floor
  • Shoot at the eye on his back

If you fire enough shots, he will split in two and you’ll need to unload on him when he’s stunned. The exposed body parts are his main weakness. Since he doesn’t have any special attacks or abilities that make him too difficult, it’s a fight that you shouldn’t have a problem overcoming.

He will throw some barrels at you that explode. If you react swiftly, you can shoot the barrel down to cause them to explode on him.

10. Del Lago:

RE4 Remake Del Lago
Photo Credits: Capcom

Del Lago is an awesome-looking boss who lives underwater and resembles your worst nightmare when thinking of a lake monster. If you remember playing as Leon in the original, you were riding a motorboat and had to kill this boss with harpoons.

The mechanics are very similar to the original fight, but let’s refresh a bit since the original came out in 2005.

You’ll be on the boat, trying to take down Del Lago. There have been quite a few changes in the remake, primarily that the boss looks different. For anyone who played the original, this fight is more or less a gimmick because it’s easy.

The following strategy will help you take Del Lago down:

  • Weaken him with the harpoon
  • Kill him with a grenade

Del Lago is nothing short of underwhelming, but he’s not meant to be difficult. Defeating him sets up the scene for what Leon is up against. Take a moment to appreciate the bodies in the lake and realize that you’re facing powerful foes. Also, watch how Leon hugs the boat when it takes damage, which is a funny addition to the game.

Note: Normal mode is easy, but try this fight in Professional mode. It will seem like this boss is a demigod.

9. El Gigante:

RE4 Remake El Gigante
Photo Credits: Capcom

El Gigante is a mean-looking monster, and it’s clear the devs really had fun making this powerful monster on today’s next-gen consoles. Gigantic in size, he is one of the bosses that has a neat backstory (we won’t spoil it for you), and he was transformed into a massive bioweapon that can be tough for inexperienced players to take down.

You need to use the right tactics to take El Gigante down, like:

  • Dodging his attacks
  • Shooting the plagas parasites
  • Waiting until he is stunned
  • Attacking his weak point when stunned

Attack, wait until the parasites start spawning off of his back, and then shoot him until he staggers. You’ll be able to climb up his back, stab him and then repeat the same process.

One of the most difficult aspects of this fight is that this bioweapon will begin to heal itself. You need to be on the offensive and continue to follow the steps above to take him down.

Not able to take him down? Try the RPG or sniper bolt rifle. The bolt rifle will help you take down El Gigante faster.

8. Ramon Salazar:

RE4 Remake Ramon Salazar
Photo Credits: Capcom

Ramon Salazar is a human boss, but that was a long time ago. He crawls on the ceiling, his mouth has tentacles, and he spits acid. It would be nice for Leon to have some of these abilities, including the option to summon minions.

Agile and strong, you’ll come across Ramon a few times, but he is not transformed like he is in this fight.

Your goal for this fight is to:

  • Dodge his attacks
  • Shoot him in the mouth when he goes to spit
  • Melee him to death when he falls to the ground

During the fight, the one thing that you want to avoid is Ramon’s acid. The acid is very strong, and it needs to be avoided at all costs. If you can dodge the acid attacks and land a direct shot in his mouth, you’ll be well on your way to killing him.

A lot of players struggle with this fight, and some sell everything they have to get a rocket launcher to get through Ramon. The experience this fight gives you will help you hone your skills as a player and make it easier to get through other parts of the game.

I would argue that if you got through the 12 main bosses in Elden Ring, you’d have the patience to get through this fight. Verdugo is the enemy next on our list, and he’s a strong boss.

7. Verdugo:

RE4 Remake Verdugo
Photo Credits: Capcom

Verdugo is an interesting encounter, and he is one of the most powerful monsters in the castle. You’ll be under constant threat during the fight because he is very fast and agile. A lot of players also run out of nitrogen tanks during the encounter.

Beating Verdugo requires you to freeze him using nitrogen tanks.

When he is frozen, you can then unleash everything that you have to kill him. Some players claim to use 20 rifle bullets and 15 shotgun shells to take him down. Other players want to get the fight done as quickly as they can and use the rocket launcher.

Killing him will:

  • Drop 30 Pesetas
  • Unlock an achievement

If you’re struggling to beat him, be sure that you upgrade your weapons. A level 4 magnum offers a nice amount of power, but you’ll still need to shoot him 12 times or more to end the fight.

Spoiler/Side Note: Think back to the scene with Verdugo standing next to Ramon. There were two of them. Where’s the second? Everyone seems to think we’ll see the other one in a DLC.

6. Mutated Krauser:

RE4 Remake Mutated Krauser
Photo Credits: Capcom

Krauser is an emotional fight and one that players will find moderately hard skill-wise and epic emotionally. You’ll want to skip this part of the guide to avoid spoilers.

The main thing to be cautious about in this fight is that Krauser’s arm is now a blade. If you get hit once or twice, you’re dead. You’ll need to put a lot of emphasis on dodging and avoiding Krauser’s attacks if you want to make it out alive.

High-powered weapons and knives are going to be the best option for this encounter.

We don’t want to spoil the ending, so we won’t discuss the final decision you’ll need to make during this fight.

5. The Bella Sisters:

RE4 Remake The Bella Sisters
Photo Credits: Capcom

The Bella Sisters aren’t necessarily a “boss,” but they’re also not a normal foe. Developers added the two into the game to scare players with two chainsaw-wielding sisters wearing bloody dresses.

You’ll meet this duo a few times in the game.

While a few well-placed shots will kill these sisters quickly, they do offer a bit of foreshadowing that the game can have vicious foes when you least expect them.

4. Garrador:

RE4 Remake Garrador
Photo Credits: Capcom

Garrador will slash you to death if you allow him, and he’s one of the most terrifying enemies in the game. You’ll hear this creature prior to encountering him, and unluckily for you, he breaks free from his chains and wants to fight.

The good news?

Garrador is blind, and you’ll need to play a game of attack and retreat to beat him. Since he can’t see, he will try to claw anything that is in his path and will move wildly around the room. You need to:

  • Be very cautious not to hit the hanging chains in the room
  • Attack him when you have an opening

Unfortunately, you’ll come across a duo of these beasts later in the game, and that means twice the risk of being clawed to shreds during the encounter.

3. El Gigante Armored:

RE4 Remake El Gigante Armored
Photo Credits: Capcom

El Gigante is back, and this time he decided to bring some armour with him to make it even more challenging to defeat him. You’ll need to follow many of the same tactics that we outlined previously, but the armour makes it far more challenging.

If you’re skilled with a rifle, you can snipe at his head, which is the only part of his body that remains uncovered.

Otherwise, you’ll find that a cannon will work best for this fight.

2. El Gigante & Armored El Gigante:

RE4 Remake El Gigante & Armored El Gigante
Photo Credits: Capcom

El Gigante won’t go away. But you’re finally close to seeing the last of these monsters. The first time you killed the armored version wasn’t enough, and now you need to fight an armored and non-armored version of these bosses at the same time.


The arena is small and circular, but you do have the help of Luis, which is a nice addition. Luis will distract one of the monsters while you take on the other. We recommend:

  • Attacking the regular El Gigante first and killing him
  • Attacking the armored El Gigante with the help of Luis

Luis’ help fighting the armored El Gigante makes the fight much easier to manage and will allow you to blow this foe up once and for all.

1. Osmund Saddler:

RE4 Remake Osmund Saddler
Photo Credits: Capcom

Finally, you get to kill the main boss. You’ve made it through a lot of amazing fights, and all that is standing in your way is the crazy powerful Osmund Saddler. You’ll need to use all of your weapons and skills to beat him because his claw and acid attacks will kill you fast.

You’ll have to master some intense mechanics for this fight, including:

  • Flying parasites that Osmund summons
  • Fast recovery
  • Full replenishing in the middle of the fight

It’s important that you go into this fight with a lot of free time, as you’ll be facing Osmund for quite a while. The best strategy that we’ve found for killing this final boss is to:

  • Shoot his eyes – there are a lot of them – to make him stumble
  • Shoot the central eye with a good aim
  • Use high-powered weapons
  • Kill as many parasites as you can during the fight
  • Repeat the steps above until he mutates

Once he mutates, you’ll notice he has an orange blister. Aim for the blister using the strongest weapon that you have. The rocket launcher can be used here if you still have it.

Each of these bosses is similar to their original counterparts while also bringing their own level of difficulty into the mix. You’ll have a fun time reliving the original, but don’t feel like you have to play through the old, pixelated version before playing the remake. Both versions are similar, although a few original bosses are missing.

Resident Evil 4 Remake honours the original game in a way that many remakes fail to do. If you struggle to beat some of these bosses, be sure to hop on YouTube or Twitch to watch playthroughs, gameplays and tactics others are using to get through this survival horror game alive.

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