Respawn Has Banned Over 355,000 PC Cheaters To Date

Respawn has announced on Reddit that the studio has banned more than 355,000 cheaters on PC, with the Easy-Anti-Cheat service.

Apex Legends previously reported that the studio has banned over 16,000 accounts since the game launched on February 5. As a part of the continuing effort to combat cheaters, Apex said they will work with experts within and outside of EA, allocating more funds to their anti-cheat team, and adding a report feature to PC, so players can report cheaters in-game directly.

The post also addressed problems surrounding spamming in character selection, and the studio does not want to reveal further details about it to prevent offenders from constructing workarounds until they implement the change. Respawn also said an upcoming patch on PC that will tackle some of the known crash-related issues and improve stability on the platform.