Reviewing PlayStation Plus April Game Lineup

Reviewing PlayStation Plus April Game Lineup


One of the many things that we love about owning a PlayStation console is the monthly games we could get from the PlayStation Plus.

For those who don’t know, subscribers of PlayStation Plus will get to enjoy new selected games every month for free alongside multiplayer access for your PlayStation games.

And for April, Sony Interactive Entertainment has provided us with an impressive list of free games for the month. Let’s check out each of these games and see whether any of them is the right fit for you!


Slay the Spire PlayStation Plus April


Slay the Spire

Genre: Deck-building, Strategy, Roguelike

Publishers: Mega Crit Games, Humble Bundle


Any fan of card games would have heard of Slay the Spire. It’s probably one of the better card games out there since the inception of Hearthstone.

Slay the Spire combines the best of roguelikes and the card genre. It removed the pay-to-win nature of competitive card games and replaced it with the “every run is different” gameplay of modern roguelikes.

At the start, you will be given different character choices with their own specialities and you would need to build a deck around the character. These cards will also help you progress through the dungeon.

The thing to note is that you will be failing a lot—and that is the fun of Slay the Spire. This is because every time you fail, you will learn to be better and would know which cards are generally better or goes better with other cards.

Therefore, if you enjoy converted success through hard work then Slay the Spire is definitely your game, but if you are someone that wants a chill and simple game, you might want to skip this one.


Hood Outlaws and Legends PlayStation Plus April


Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Genre: Action, Multiplayer

Publishers: Focus Home Interactive


We’ve seen many adaptations of Robin Hood and his loyal friends, we’ve seen them in TV, movies and books. However, there are rarely video game adaptations of the famed antihero.

Of course, there are the classics like Defender of the Crowns and The Curse of Sherwood that were published in the 80s, but we never really had a large budget Robin Hood game that the legend deserves.

And it was Sumo Digital and Focus Home Interactive that took up the mission of creating a modern Robin Hood game; Hood: Outlaws & Legends and it will be included in April’s PlayStation Plus lineup!

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a PVP and PVE game that takes a lot of inspiration from PUBG and Fortnite where it pits one team against another—with both teams having a specific objective to accomplish.

Each character that you choose will also have different abilities, similar to Rainbow Six Siege. As such, the game has a good replayability value which you can enjoy with your friends and every heist will guarantee a different experience.


Spongebob Sqaurepants Bikini Bottom PlayStation Plus April


Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom

Genre: Platform, Adventure

Publishers: THQ Nordic


Old school gamers would probably know Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom as an all-time classic. Its remake will be part of the April lineup and if you are an avid watcher of the Spongebob series, this is definitely a game you wouldn’t want to miss.

The gameplay is straightforward and easy to grasp, designed to be accessible for all ages. Even so, do not be fooled by its simplicity as during the latter stages of the game, there will be parts where you might get stuck and perhaps even require a couple of tries to get through.

If you need a game as a reference, Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom shares resemblances to games like The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer and Teen Titans for the PlayStation 2.

Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom is a perfect game for parents and their children who wish to spend time together through a video game, heck, even grown adults who grew up with the series will also surely have a good time with this game!


And we’ve reached the end! These 3 games will be available for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, hence, if you wish to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you can purchase our PlayStation Store Gift Cards here!