RF Online: Last Man Standing

Every Friday starting November 8th, 2019, the Last Man Standing event will take place. The mighty Soldier that will remain standing on the killing field will win a hefty prize.

Event Mechanics

· All Race Leaders and Councils must regroup their race members and prepare for a 3-way match.
· All players that are interested to join will be summoned in the Chess Map.
· It is advised that everyone should be in a party to have them recalled in groups.
· Each race will have a designated spot to regroup.
· After the GO signal, everyone should kill one another.
· All players should use Chaos Potion.
· Using stealth potion, hide skills and revive skill/potion are NOT allowed. Anyone caught will automatically be ported out from the event venue.
· To add some twist, Virtual Cannons and Chickens will be spawned in the Chess Map as the event starts.
· The last player to survive will win the prize and be crowned as the Last Man Standing.


· 2 pcs Perfect Elemental Accessory of Choice

· 5 stacks of Burst Potion/Charger [Premium]

· 5 stacks of Protect Potion/Charge [Premium]

· Premium Cape of Choice [7 Days]


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