Riders of Icarus – Ellora’s Shop is Back!

Duration: 28th December, 2018 – 10th January, 2019

Items are displayed in the Discount Tab in the Ellora’s Cash Shop. All the items you will see in here are back to back items that everyone enjoy this year! Don’t miss it out ~


Premium Service (All Untradeable)

· Premium Service (30 Day): 9,900 NX

· Premium Service (60 Day): 17,900 NX

· Premium Service (90 Day): 24,900 NX


Ellun Packs (All Untradeable)

· Ellun (85 Pack): 8,900 NX

· Ellun (266 Pack): 27,900 NX

· Ellun (462 Pack): 44,900 NX


Top-up Riders of Icarus now!!!

Nexon Cash Card
Karma Koin
Karma Koin
GoCash Game Card
OpenBucks Card
Multi Game Card


Lucky Boxes and Packages (All Untradeable)

· Summer Heat Lucky Box: 2,290 NX

· Mother’s Day 2018 Lucky Box: 2,290 NX

· Turimnan Talisman Lucky Box: 2,290 NX

· Ghastly Lucky Box: 2,290 NX

· Endangered Familiars Lucky Box: 4,390 NX

· Death’s Lucky Box: 2,290 NX

· Illustrious Shadows Lucky Box: 2,490 NX

· Legendary Magician Chaotic Package: 39,900 NX

Ellun (100 Pack)

Designer Bag (24 Slot)

Mount: Midnight Kargyle

Mount: Immortal Dayk Lyrudis

Pet: Karasha the Dark One

Title: Mischievous Prankster
· Magic Attack +40
· Magic Critical Damage +48

Fallen Archangel Outfit (Untradeable)

Orchid Fennec Fox (30 Day)

Talisman Package (30 Day)


For more information, please visit:
Riders of Icarus Official Site.

Ralated Link(s):
Riders of Icarus (Global)
Riders of Icarus (MGC)


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