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MMOs today are a dime-a-dozen and often time if you’re looking to get into a decent title, it’s hard to find MMOs that really puts emphasis on MMO veterans and what they want to play.

Rift, made by Trion Worlds, is an MMORPG that MMO veterans can really sink their teeth into. Once you get past the overly familiar setting, there’s plenty of quality gaming to be had with Trion World’s MMORPG.

Prefer a more visual review? Check out Miri’s video review of Rift embedded below.

The Rift Divides Us All

Jumping into Rift, you’ll be presented with two factions to choose from. The Guardian, a noble people that worship the gods and helps the weak, and The Defiant, heretics to the Guardians and uses technological skill to save the world from destruction.

You can then choose between three races for each faction. The Defiant races are Bahmi, Eth, and Kelari, while the Guardians allows you to choose between High Elf, Mathosian, and Dwarf. Each race has it owns unique racial traits or abilities, so make sure you know what type of class you’re aiming for when deciding a race.

Rift Review Gameplay

There are four classes to choose from, which are Warrior, Cleric, Mage, and Rogue. Those who are familiar to MMOs or RPGs should have a basic understanding of the different classes. Once you choose your class, it’s the standard character creation fare with players having the ability to customize their character’s face to quite a detailed degree.

Once all that character creation is done, you’re ready to enter the world of Rift. But first, how about some tutorials?

Talk, Kill, Loot, Repeat

As soon as you enter the game world, you’ll be treated to a series of tutorials that are quite bland to begin with. It’s not to say the tutorials and earlier quest are bad, it’s just not exciting. Often time, you’ll probably be confused about the quests directions or be given mind-numbing tasks that can feel grindy in the beginning. Especially the fact that there’s plenty of dialogue (maybe a little too much) to get through, it can get overwhelming at times.

However, stick with it, you’ll see that the quest starts to open up. The plot becomes much more interesting and even the enemies start to get unique once you get past the initial early levels. The Instant Adventure also allows players to join a quick and cool adventure and shows how Trion is focused on giving players a fun time adventuring in Rift.

And then there are the Raids and PVP which is quite fun as well with both areas having plenty of content to keep players happy. And thankfully, gameplay is just as good.

Gameplay And Graphics

Of course, being an MMORPG, Trion Worlds doesn’t stray too far from the usual gameplay mechanics, but that’s a good thing. Rather than trying to implement some crazy new mechanic, they make sure that the combat it’s easy enough for new players to get into and deep enough for veteran MMO players to be crazy with.

The same can be said graphics-wise. Rift might not be the best looking game out there but it does the job well enough. Vistas and locations are varied and beautiful. Character models, while not very detailed, looks good and the monsters and dungeons are designed to actually look scary.

Rift Review Gameplay 1

While the music and sound might out be that outstanding, it’s serviceable for the average MMO. However, the same can’t be said for its voice acting, which is stellar, to say the least.


Switching from a subscription model to a free-to-play model makes Rift a lot more enticing to play for MMO gamers. It helps that plenty of content is available for you to play through before hitting the proverbial “MMO wall”. If you can withstand the slightly outdated graphics and tedious early tutorials and missions, you’ll find yourself with a quality MMORPG that’ll you give plenty of fun in the long run.


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