Rocket League Introduces New System Called Rocket Pass To Reward Players

Developer Psyonix has released a 2018 roadmap for Rocket League, and players can look forward to the new Rocket Pass that allows everyone to earn cosmetics for leveling up.

rocket anniversary

The Rocket Pass will have both free and premium version. The free version contains cosmetics, stickers, wheels, toppers and also decryptors that allows players to open crates. The premium pass will offer better equipment as you progress and can be be unlocked for a one time fee. Every few months, the pass will be replaced with a brand new ones.

Rocket League has plans for the upcoming few months where players are getting a new arena this May, next month they will get a summer-themed event along with a new DLC, and in July there will be an anniversary in-game event with some special throwback content to commemorate its birthday. Cross-platform parties are expected to launch later this year along with a new leveling system which removes the current level cap.