Rockstar Games Sold 75 million Copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 Worldwide

Take-Two Interactive has released their fiscal third quarter report which ends on December 31st, indicates that Rockstar Games net revenue rose to $476.5 million and the organization has shipped more than 75 million copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 across all platforms.

Almost a quarter of the sales came from micro-transactions and downloadable content from Grand Theft Auto Online. Rockstar has been creating free content since launch for both Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Considered as one of the best-selling game of all time, players are still buying Grand Theft Auto 5 and the total sales recorded in 2016 are much higher than 2015 or 2014. For a three year old game, it also broke the world record reaching $1 billion in sales within three of days hitting the shelves on September 17th.