Rounding Up 2021: 5 Best Games of the Year

Rounding Up 2021: 5 Best Games of the Year


Many video game releases have been pushed back due to the pandemic. One notable example would be Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild sequel which would only be released in 2022.

The much-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy is also victim to the pandemic as Hogwarts will only be opening its doors to us Muggles later next year.

Even so, the video game community never fails to deliver. Despite another pandemic-stricken year, 2021 still managed to churn out an impressive number of games.

Here are the 5 games that stood out throughout the year for us.


*Note that this list is strictly our opinion, so readers’ discretion is advised


Resident Evil Best Games 2021


1. Resident Evil Village

Date Released: 7th May 2021

Developer: CAPCOM


The Resident Evil franchise has always been one of video games’ precious gems. Dating back to 1996, the RE games have come a long way and have stayed true to the horror genre until the release of Resident Evil Village this year.

As the previous Resident Evil games were all ‘shooter’ oriented, dedicated for FPS lovers, CAPCOM made the game more action-based—focusing on survival—through added action abilities where players are given other options to fight, rather than just using a gun.

The entire map and environment is more immersive than its predecessors and combined with extremely well-designed characters like Lady Alcina, Angie and Mother Miranda, this next-gen Resident Evil journey was a great one this year.


Life is Strange True Colors Best Games 2021


2. Life is Strange: True Colors

Date Released: 10th September 2021

Developer: Deck Nine


Back in 2015, Square Enix took us on a journey to Arcadia Bay where we played as Max Caufield, a girl with time-bending powers. The rest was history. It is a journey that we wish we could go back in time just to experience the game  once again.

With the bar set so high, it was actually pretty difficult for Square Enix to make lightning strike twice. Life is Strange 2 was alright but could they keep up the momentum with Life is Strange: True Colors?

Know that each of the Life is Strange games have their own plot and are not related to one another. Hence, from a standalone perspective True Colors was truly a colourful experience with amazing storytelling and character development.

We’re not going to help you decide which Life is Strange is better as we feel it is pointless to compare them. Every Life is Strange story is an emotional journey and needless to say, our heartstrings have been tugged with its latest instalment.


Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pearl Best Games 2021


3. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Date Released: 19th November 2021

Developer: ILCA


The Sinnoh region is sacred to many Pokemon fans. It has arguably the best Pokemon roster and sits at the top tier list in terms of difficulty. Challenging enough for veterans and lovable Pokemon designs for newcomers.

However, the game was received with mixed reviews when the first trailer was dropped due to the awkward chibi gameplay, especially if compared to the modern Pokemon games like Sword and Shield.

That said, as Pokemon fans, any new Pokemon game will easily end up in our hands and surprisingly enough, the game was extremely fun!

The trip back to Sinnoh was a nostalgic one and with added contents like the Underground and Ramanas Park, the remakes have enough juice to keep us occupied for at least a week!


Kena Bridge of Spirits Best Games 2021


4. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Date Released: 21st September 2021

Developer: Ember Lab


Do you like Ori and the Blind Forest? Do you enjoy the environment of A Knight’s Quest?

If your answer to both questions is a resounding yes, then Bridge of Spirits is the game for you!

Do not let the colourful graphics fool you. Yes, content-wise, the game is safe for work and players of all ages can play it. That said, its difficulty is pretty steep and you would need to adapt with its gameplay to get past most of the game’s obstacles.

Of course, we are not saying it’s Dark Souls or Blasphemous difficult, just don’t expect this game to be a cakewalk.

Either way, the game is very immersive in visuals with a good depth of gameplay mechanics and if you own a PlayStation 4 or 5, be sure to pick it up from the PSN store as it definitely stands out as one of the best games for the PlayStation this year.


It Takes Two Best Games 2021


5. It Takes Two

Date Released: 26th March 2021

Developer: Hazelight


Electronic Arts (EA) usually gets a lot of flak for its game design that is heavily reliant on microtransactions like FIFA.

We do however need to give credit where credit is due. It Takes Two is certainly an amazing game and very deserving of the Game of the Year award.

It Takes Two is a game we didn’t know we needed in this current climate. This is because the gameplay focuses on teamwork and constant communication to advance.

You could think of it as a spiritual successor to the Portal games which has been a hallmark of the multiplayer-puzzle genre.

It Takes Two takes the concept of Portal and spins it around with a totally different story that is both captivating and gorgeous.

Plus, we would also like to add that It Takes Two is perhaps more accessible than Portal. Being a recent production compared to the Portal games which were released back in 2007 and 2011,  the gameplay is much easier to learn and handle.


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